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The Madrid night of January 8, 2021 will be unforgettable.

For so many things, for skidding cars, for impossible traffic jams, for battles in the streets, for pictures that the snow will make eternal.

But also because someone looked out the window and had to rub their eyes when they saw a mysterious guy with a dogsled through the streets of Hortaleza, as if it were

Reykjavik itself


As real as

Francisco Javier Talanco

and his five


, who did not find a more idyllic setting for their training than the icy asphalt of the capital.

Javier's huskies, after the walk.

Because Javi, a car parts dealer and amateur musician, has also been passionate about


for nine years

, dog sled racing, today a specialty encompassed by the Spanish Winter Sports Federation.

He has competed in Europeans and Worlds in the sprint mode, the last one in Nybro (Sweden) two years ago.

And in 10 days he has a test of the Spanish Cup in


(Madrid), in danger from the pandemic.

He lives in his flat with his five huskies, all from the genetic line of shooting -not beauty- and he had a sled at hand at home and all the (expensive) material of this specialty that in our country has more followers than what it might seem.

The special harnesses that prevent injuries to the animal, the anchor, the carabiners, the front, etc ...

Javier, in a competition.

The three little ones of the litter of five had never seen snow, because here in Spain they usually train on land.

Until yesterday ... «They carry it in their blood.

As soon as they saw her through the window they got nervous, they did not stop playing, "he says as soon as he arrived from his walk through the neighborhood, an hour and a half for six kilometers, at an average of 20 kilometers per hour and with maximums of up to 45,



, Manizales street ... «Up to the bike path».

He hasn't even had time to take off his clothes and is overwhelmed by the videos, calls and photos of people invading his phone.




of the Madrid night.

"I'm freaking out".

Because the neighbors, seeing him, of course hallucinated.

"I've also given my neighbor's son a ride, who he loved," says Javi, who runs for the



and today Saturday, although he intended to go to the Sierra, he will opt for the Casa de Campo with his huskies, the more famous already in the capital.

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