A young woman in Australia is impressed by showing a rare pure love these days.

According to the British Daily Mail on the 21st, Australia's Jade Brinkat married Dan Horton, who lived in a coma after a severe head injury in an accident, in a hospital room on the evening of the 18th.

The couple, who met as friends at the age of 30, lived together for 1 year and 6 months, and fell in deep love. At their wedding, they pledged to love and respect each other and remain married forever.

Horton, who suffered an accident at work on the 7th, was in a coma and could not speak, but these oaths were words that were pledged to marry only 13 days ago.

Brinkat, who was pregnant with her daughter, suffered an emergency cesarean section on the 11th after hearing the news of her husband's accident.

At the wedding, the daughter was also next to him, but the father, who was unconscious, could neither hold nor look at the daughter.

Brinkat said, "The last 13 days were really bittersweet times. The happiest moment in our life was seeing our daughter together, and my husband never recovered from the crossroads of life and death."

My husband was hit by a car while working at the company, severely injured in his head and neck, and his heart stopped, and he almost died.

"I had a baby every day, visited my husband and prayed for him to recover," said Brinkat. "I never thought of not becoming his wife."

However, on the 19th, the first day after their marriage, the wife sent him to heaven, feeling the last breath and pulse of her husband.

“After my husband left, I felt a sense of bitterness and loss. Horton is now permanently unable to see his daughter,” Brinkat said.

"The more heartbreaking thing is that my daughter doesn't know what kind of person her dad is," she said. "But I will do everything to help me remember how much he loved her.

"The 550 days I spent with Horton have already become my everything, and the memories of him will remain in my and my daughter's minds forever," she said.