Eight people died on the small plane going to Haneda, Philippines March 29 23:59 on March 29

At night at Manila International Airport in the Philippines, a small aircraft heading for Haneda Airport failed to take off and burned, killing all eight people on board.

According to airport officials, the small aircraft carries a patient and medical team who were scheduled to receive treatment in Japan, and is confirming their identity, including nationality.

At around 8:00 pm local time on the 29th of the local time (around 9:00 pm Japan time), a small aircraft failed to take off at Manila International Airport in the Philippines and went on fire. A video taken by a person near the site shows a large fire pillar and black smoke rising on the airport premises.

According to the airport authorities, the small aircraft was heading to Haneda Airport, and there were eight people on board, including a patient and family to be treated in Japan, and a medical team, all of whom were confirmed dead. That is.

Authorities are confirming that their identities, such as nationality, are not yet known.