(Fighting new crown pneumonia) The situation of prevention and control is improving, but it still needs to "do not relax" to get back on track

China News Agency, Beijing, February 28th: ​​The situation of prevention and control is improving, and there is still "no relaxation" to get back on track.

China News Agency reporter Gao Kai Li Yanan

"In other provinces except Hubei, and other cities in Hubei except Wuhan, the number of newly diagnosed cases of new crown pneumonia has fallen to the single position for the first time, and the situation of prevention and control is positive." On the 28th, the latest announcement by the National Health Commission of China The epidemic data is quite encouraging. "When can I return to normal life order?" The question that people have been suppressing for a long time has surfaced again.

In this regard, officials and experts who participated in the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council of the day agreed with the experts. At present, the enemy still needs to "not relax", "closely guard", "actively respond", and "stop all efforts."

"Strict precautions", how to prevent them?

With the gradual containment of the epidemic, the first step of the so-called "return to the right track" is actually underway. In the orderly return to work and production in all walks of life, personal protection is becoming increasingly important. However, the multiple transmission channels of the newly announced new crown virus are quite In order to cause headaches, how should the public protect themselves in the “threat” of droplet contact, fecal mouth, aerosol transmission and so on?

In this regard, Wu Yuanbin, the director of the Department of Social Development and Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, made clear on the day. The conclusions of the research so far show that respiratory droplets and close contact transmission are still the main transmission routes of the new crown virus; fecal-oral transmission is a certain risk, but the The capability and conditions of the system need further research to confirm; aerosol transmission is only possible under extreme conditions.

In this regard, insisting on wearing a mask and washing hands frequently is still the top priority of protection.

People ’s fear of the new crown virus is caused by its “ghost attack” to a small extent. Previously, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan and other places cured and discharged hospitals had retested nucleic acid-positive cases. It was worrying. The "Dingxin Pill" given by the Supervisor of the Hospital Authority, Guo Yanhong, said that "through monitoring, it was found that this group of patients did not re-infect others."

However, it also shows that as a new virus, the pathogenic mechanism, the overall picture of the disease, and the characteristics of the course of the disease need to be further understood. Even if the situation is "better," there is still a need to deal with various problems in a timely manner in prevention and control. "New discovery" must not reveal the slightest flaw.

"Stop it all", how to rule?

In fact, although the opponent is cunning and changeable, since the prevention and control of the epidemic, medical staff has continuously found the opponent's weaknesses and discovered new treatments in the battles with the new crown virus.

With the increase of cured cases, a large number of clinical research and clinical practice have proven that the plasma of neo-crown pneumonia patients has neutralized neo-crown virus through its specific antibodies, and achieved relatively good results in the treatment process, and its safety and effectiveness have been universally recognized.

Guo Yanhong said the same day, so far, 544 person-times of plasma have been collected nationwide for clinical treatment of 245 patients.

In addition, experts found that some patients may suddenly get worse within three to five days during medical treatment. Therefore, treatment at the mild stage is very important, and they are racing against death. Regarding "how to outperform", it is the top priority to advance the pass.

Guo Yanhong pointed out that this is to implement intervention measures early, on the one hand, to strengthen the early treatment of mild cases, and at the same time, reduce the progress from mild to severe cases as much as possible, and improve the level of treatment of mild patients.

It is reported that 36,000 cured patients have been discharged, accounting for 45.9% of the total confirmed cases. Guo Yanhong introduced that the analysis of the overall cases of cured patients has now reached more than 8,400 cases. "By summarizing the treatment methods for mild and severe patients, the effective treatment methods and experience will also be revised in the diagnosis and treatment. The plan is included in the diagnosis and treatment plan to guide the nationwide treatment work. "

"Active response", not messy

Don't relax during the battle, let alone "chaotic" in the "active response". Recently, there have been media reports that more than 200 clinical trials have been registered after the outbreak, and a large proportion of them are related to drugs. However, there are still drugs that do not qualify for clinical trials.

In this regard, Wu Yuanbin bluntly stated that too many drug experiments may have the problem of wasting resources and may even affect patient treatment.

How to stay in control and attack with the best formation. According to reports, the recently released "Notice on Regulating Medical Institutions to Conduct Clinical Research on New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Drug Therapy" is formulated to further coordinate and standardize the clinical research work of marketed drugs. It is understood that the Notice further emphasizes: clear conditions for conducting research; standardizing research procedures; and orderly accelerating applications.

Wu Yuanbin said that the next step will be to screen more effective drugs through standardized, scientifically ordered and efficient drug clinical research.

As Cui Gang, the second inspector of the CDC of the National Health and Health Commission of China said on the same day, while the overall situation of prevention and control continues to improve, it should be noted that the current situation of prevention and control in Wuhan, Hubei is still very severe and complex. Consolidate the early results of prevention and control, while preventing the rebound of the epidemic.

"This new coronal pneumonia is a new sudden infectious disease, a respiratory infectious disease. The crowd has no immunity and is generally susceptible to infection. Therefore, at this stage, we recommend that you do not relax your vigilance and continue to do a good job of personal protection." Cui Steel said. (Finish)