Hong Kong Food Fair begins 18:17 on August 15th, when Japanese companies are not participating in protests

In Hong Kong, the largest food trade fair in Asia began on the 15th, but in response to ongoing protests, a number of companies from Japan ceased to participate. Protracted social disruption is affecting business.

Asia's largest food trade fair, “Food Expo”, has been held in Hong Kong for 15 to 5 days, with over 1500 companies and organizations from 21 countries and regions including Japan.

Among them, 101 companies were scheduled to participate in the “Japan Pavilion” of JETRO = Japan External Trade Organization, which introduces fruits and seasonings from all over Japan, but citizens protesting against the government and police in Hong Kong continues. That means that 9 companies have stopped participating.

In addition, there were a number of voices worried about the security situation from participating companies, and among them, the person in charge of a health food manufacturer in Wakayama Prefecture said, “I am worried that it will be like a riot and I will get involved. Compared to last year. Seems to have a particularly small number of customers from mainland China. "

“There was a lot of inquiries about whether or not we could hold the event,” said Mr. Kuki Maeda, Market Manager, JETRO Hong Kong. “Since many companies have been preparing materials for about six months, this situation is unfortunate.” It was.

In Hong Kong, the prospect of protests to converge is not standing, lingering confusion has also have an impact on the business.