The request was made on November 4, was published on January 12 and is in the opposition period.

If no one else claims the brand


for themselves , on April 12 the name of Pablo Iglesias' television channel will be owned by a small production company with no employees or activity whose sole administrator, according to the Registry Commercial, is

Jaume Roures


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Power, money and revenge: this is how Pablo Iglesias' mud machine works

  • Drafting: RODRIGO TERRASA Madrid


Power, money and revenge: this is how Pablo Iglesias' mud machine works

Melancholic Films SL

, a micro-enterprise dedicated to "film and video production activities", is listed as a registrant of the brand


with an address that corresponds to the


building , on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona.

Its headquarters, however, is located in Esplugues de Llobregat, where the offices of the production company, owned by Roures, were previously located.

Canal Red , which uses the


between parentheses

as its brand identity , is the great project of

Pablo Iglesias

after moving away from politics.

"We are going to break the block of media power," announces the


with which the Iglesias team seeks to finance the new television, and which has already raised 403,665 euros.

"We are writing to you that when you turn on the television you no longer know which channel to choose because everyone, regardless of the color of their logo, defends them," they encourage in their request for donations.

"Of course, let no one doubt it, we are going to seek support and private resources, but we need a lot more people on our side to make us stronger."

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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