[Explanation] Sun Yuyang is a grassroots cadre in Niedang Township, Qushui County, Lhasa City, Tibet, and is engaged in cashier work.

During the Spring Festival, Sun Yuyang was still busy in the office.

  [Concurrent] Sun Yuyang, a cadre in Niedang Township, Qushui County, Lhasa City

  Due to the nature of work, we (she and her lover) have never been back to Shaanxi for the New Year together.

For example, this year, I was due to work on the financial final accounts, and he was delayed returning home (from his hometown in Shaanxi) because of his work. However, every year during the Tibetan New Year, we still return to Lhasa more or less Reunite with family.

  [Explanation] Sun Yuyang is from Shaanxi. After graduating from university in 2016, she chose to work in Tibet and passed the exam to realize her "employment dream" in Tibet. Niedang Township has thus become Sun Yuyang's second hometown.

  [Concurrent] Sun Yuyang, a cadre in Niedang Township, Qushui County, Lhasa City

  (So ​​far) For the past seven years, Qushui (county) is equivalent to my second hometown for me.

Although I didn't grow up here, I have participated in and witnessed every bit of the development of Qushui.

Then I also believe that in the future, with the joint efforts of the masses and cadres of all ethnic groups in Qushui, it will surely bear fruitful results of rural revitalization.

  [Explanation] Maybe Sun Yuyang's relationship with Tibet is not just because of work. She also met Guisang Luobu, a cadre stationed in the temple in Niedang Township, and married him, forming a Tibetan-Chinese united family.

  [Concurrent] Sun Yuyang's husband Guisang Rob

  At that time, I was a cadre of the temple management committee here, and she was stationed in a local village, and she had a lot of contacts at work when she came and went. This is how I know her, and it should be more than five years now.

  [Explanation] Sun Yuyang often encounters problems such as difficulties in communicating with local Tibetan people when working in townships.

At this time, the husband Guisang Luobu, who can speak both Tibetan and Chinese fluently, became his wife's caring "interpreter".

  During the Spring Festival, Sun Yuyang and her husband will return home as soon as possible after work, or do housework, or sit in the living room to read, drink tea, chat together, and enjoy their special New Year.

  [Concurrent] Sun Yuyang's husband Guisang Rob

  As far as my personal family is concerned, my mother is an authentic Tibetan in Lhasa, and my father is a Tibetan (Tibetan who believes in Islam) who grew up in Lhasa. family atmosphere.

  [Explanation] Guisang Luobu said that for his family, it always conveys the friendship of "national unity and family". The addition of his wife Sun Yuyang makes the multi-ethnic cultural atmosphere in the family stronger, and the family is more harmonious, happy and complete .

  Reporting from Lhasa, Tibet

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]