If the cartoonist Luz narrowly escaped the attack on Charlie Hebdo (he was late for the disastrous editorial meeting of January 7, 2015), he had a lot of trouble “recovering from it”.

First personally, but also professionally.

“When you bury 8 or 9 people you love, it becomes almost impossible to finalize something, he recalls.

I thought it was over, that I couldn't draw at all anymore.


“I refuse to be in graphic exile”

Seven years later, Luz publishes the second volume of

Vernon Subutex

, the comic book adaptation of the homonymous novel by Virginie Despentes.

“Working on this project also meant creating a kind of discussion group with imaginary friends that I had made myself, with my own desires, my own fears, my own dreams, he smiles.

The thing that saves me is that I accept this situation out of obligation, but that I refuse to be in graphic exile.


Discover his moving testimony in this video from our partner Brut.

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