The European press was frankly confused when the gas pipeline strings at the bottom of the Baltic Sea were blown up.

Previously, writing was simple and familiar - if something happens somewhere, then the Russians are to blame.

Even if we are talking about a nuclear power plant, where Russian troops are on duty.

After all, they themselves shoot out of boredom, arrange rocket fireworks, hit reactors and storage facilities, have fun.

Well, they are wild, they attacked their neighbor Ukraine just like that. 

The European media cannot write that Ukrainians are shooting, here they can be fired for such a deviation from the general line of Brussels.

Therefore, at moments when common sense nevertheless begins to crush logical inconsistencies, they simply omit the most important nuance in the texts - who shot.

They simply write: the station was shelled, this and that was damaged, then a call to stock up on iodine tablets and a story about how "the entire world community" demands that Russian troops leave the "captured" nuclear power plant, otherwise a nuclear catastrophe of all-European scale will happen.

The reader of such opuses makes the conclusion they need himself.

The scheme was working. 

And here with the flows, the situation is so beyond the bounds of logic that, no matter how you play with words, it is difficult to blame Russia for this.

And still, of course, there were “experts / political scientists / gas pipeline experts” who saw the black hand of the Kremlin in undermining the infrastructure.

They say that one unpredictable madman is sitting in his office, who, according to European officials, himself just unleashed an energy war against Europe in order to ruin it. 

And now, apparently, he forced these same officials to take more than 11,000 sanctions against Russia at gunpoint.

And now he decides to demonstrate his strength and firm intention not to supply any more cubic meters of gas to Germany.

He takes and blows up his own pipes with his own gas. 

All these experts could not explain why such a complex underwater special operation was carried out in the Baltic Sea, which is teeming with submarines, radars and NATO ships, when you can simply close the valve.

After all, Russians are barbarians, they always do that.

In Telegram, they joked on the topic “I washed my hands in the washbasin - do not turn off the tap, just blow it up.

Went to the toilet - just blow up the toilet."

However, when you know little about Russia in principle, this can come in.

But still, readers quickly ridiculed this version.

And then I had to dodge - to write that the author of the sabotage is unknown, but (further quote from the Belgian newspaper) "in Moscow they play innocent."

Or the headline puts out the thought: “Could Russia have blown up the pipelines?”.

The label is hung, the main thing is voiced, the reasoning behind is already the tenth thing.

But very, very many authors wrote simply on the fact that there are holes, but there will be no more gas.

And then the question is: who can actually benefit from all this? 

Like a mantra, this question was repeated endlessly and furtively, cautiously (with the proviso that they were in no way justifying barbaric Russia) they pointed to the United States. 

They recalled Biden's words that there would be no Nord Stream 2.

They tried not to notice the tweet of the Pole Radoslav Sikorsky with gratitude to the States, but he was an eyesore.

Few people, by the way, heard about the flights in mid-September of the American helicopters of the same name Sikorsky SH-60 / MH-60 Seahawk, the trajectory of which passed exactly over the points of explosions.

When asked how NATO intelligence missed Russian saboteurs / fighting mermaids / dolphins / submarines and has no data on what happened to such critical infrastructure, there was no answer. 

In fact, there is data, only NATO cannot afford to voice it, it is an American organization, after all.

And what America is doing now with Europe should not be shown to the local layman.

We already have some data, director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin said this only yesterday.

And they point to the West.

But they won't listen to us in this West anyway.

They will listen to theirs. 

The NATO Secretary General has clearly said that this is a sabotage against the infrastructure of member countries, and the alliance will respond.

Next, the Poles spoke again that they do not exclude direct NATO intervention in Ukraine, with the proviso that if a nuclear strike happens (itself, as well as with a nuclear power plant).

Therefore, they ask all their citizens to urgently leave Russia, and schools are in a hurry to distribute iodine tablets.

They wind up hysteria, pump it up, instead of sitting down and honestly figure out where the legs grow from. 

Economically, this is beneficial only to the United States.

So they were able to exclude even the potential possibility of Russian gas flowing through Nord Stream to Germany.

Norway is operating at capacity limits and will now send fuel via pipeline to Poland.

And the Germans can only beg for liquefied gas from the United States, at any price.

The problem is that two or three tankers will not save the country.

To get the same volume that the FRG received from Russia, 5,000 tankers are needed.

There just isn't that many.

And then you need to have terminals for receiving fuel, liquefy, liquefy.

The construction of such infrastructure will take years and billions, and gas is needed now.

Economic growth is transformed energy, if there is no energy, then there is no growth.

The German economy is entering recession. 

Annual inflation is at a historical record, according to preliminary estimates, it will be about 10%.

Inflation in Belgium is also approaching a record - in August 1975 it was at the level of 11.42%, now it is already 11.27%.

One by one, bakeries and other small businesses are closing down.

They can't handle electricity bills, can't pay them, in some cases the price has skyrocketed by 500%.

The excitement is growing, more and more often you can hear that the refugees have already been helped in any way they could, it's time to think about our own.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about the well-known charity organization Les Restos du Coeur in Belgium and France, they feed the poor with hot food for free.

So, in recent months, the influx of people has increased by 50%!

This is an incredibly high number.

Moreover, people from 30 to 50 years old come to ask for help.

And they also feel confused 

The euro exchange rate against the dollar is falling, the US currency is strengthening.

The American military-industrial complex receives billions from its government to "help" Ukraine, American companies make fabulous profits from the sale and resale of energy resources to Europe, European businesses, escaping from a sinking European ship, are trying to move to America.

She is positive in every way.

You can only applaud them and quickly run for the next portion of firewood.

In one of the stores in the south of Belgium, they announced a promotion: a bag of pellets for heating is given for €9.

In the first 15 minutes, people swept away everything that was in the warehouse, all 520 bags.

Europe, XXI century.

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