(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The epidemic situation in Hainan and Xinjiang continues to improve. There is a risk of community transmission in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

  China News Agency, Beijing, August 24th. Comprehensive news: China's National Health and Medical Commission announced on the 24th that there were 413 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 23rd, including 33 imported cases and 380 local cases.

There were 1,331 new asymptomatic infections, including 70 imported cases and 1,261 local cases.

No new deaths were reported.

  As of 24:00 on the 23rd, there are 8,086 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 240,646 confirmed cases.

There are currently 660 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 22,108 confirmed cases and no deaths.

  The number of local infections in mainland China has been increasing for 3 consecutive days, and the situation in Hainan is improving.

  On the 23rd, there were 1,641 new local infections (confirmed + asymptomatic) in mainland China, a decline for 3 consecutive days, affecting 24 provinces.

Among them, 380 were confirmed locally, from 17 provinces: 264 in Hainan, 23 in Tibet, 21 in Chongqing, 17 in Guangdong, 15 each in Sichuan and Shaanxi, and the other 11 provinces added single-digit new cases.

  There were 1,261 new cases of local asymptomatic infections that day, distributed in 22 provinces. Among them, Tibet (543 cases) surpassed Hainan (336 cases) for the first time since the current round of the epidemic, becoming the province with the most new local asymptomatic infections that day.

In addition, Xinjiang has 169 cases, Qinghai has 40 cases, Jiangxi and Shaanxi have 26 cases each, Sichuan has 22 cases, and the other 15 provinces have newly added less than 20 cases.

  Hainan Province reported 439 new cases of local infections on the 23rd (161 cases of asymptomatic cases have been deducted from confirmed cases), and the daily increase of local infections has fallen below 500 for the first time since August 9, including 327 cases in Sanya City.

From August 1st to 23rd, Hainan Province has reported a total of 18,962 local infections, including 14,267 in Sanya.

  Hainan Province reported on the 24th that the number of newly infected people in Sanya City continued to decline, and the prevention and control situation was getting better; newly infected people in Haikou City were the key personnel for closed-loop management, and the risk of social epidemics was low.

On August 23, 1,186 cases were cured and discharged in Hainan Province. The number of discharged patients exceeded the number of admissions for three consecutive days, and the overall situation of the epidemic continued to improve.

Up to now, a total of 189,261 passengers have been returned across the province.

  Tibet effectively solves the living difficulties of the trapped people, Urumqi gradually relaxes community control measures

  On the 23rd, the Tibet Autonomous Region added 23 new local confirmed cases and 543 asymptomatic infections, and the daily increase in local infections continued to increase compared with the previous day.

From 0:00 to 12:00 on the 24th, Tibet reported 12 new local confirmed cases and 158 asymptomatic infections.

  The Tibet Autonomous Region announced on the 24th that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the region has done a good job of providing basic living security for people in need, implemented classified and differentiated assistance according to the type and degree of difficulty, and included families and individuals who suffered from new coronary pneumonia caused basic living difficulties. The scope of temporary assistance, strengthen the assistance of outsiders, and effectively solve the living difficulties of the trapped people.

  On the 23rd, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region added 6 new local confirmed cases and 169 asymptomatic infections, and the daily increase of local infections declined for 3 consecutive days.

According to reports, there is currently no epidemic in 61 counties and urban areas in Xinjiang, 21 counties and urban areas have no new positive infections for more than 7 consecutive days, and 12 counties and urban areas have announced the lifting of static management. The epidemic situation in the region is generally stable, and production and life are in order. gradually normal.

  According to the introduction of Urumqi, according to the research and judgment of various districts, counties, streets and communities in the city, the city has released more than 1,000 low-risk community control measures in accordance with relevant requirements. In the past two days, more communities will be released one after another.

  There are local infected people in Shanghai, and there is a risk of community transmission of the epidemic in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

  In Shanghai, there were zero new cases of soil on the 23rd, but one new case of local asymptomatic infection was added to the society on the 24th.

  Shanghai reported on the 24th that the infected person had a history of living in other provinces and returned to Shanghai by self-driving on the evening of the 21st. His place of residence in Pudong New Area was listed as a high-risk area.

As of 16:00 on the 24th, a total of 43 close contacts and 16 secondary contacts of the infected person in Shanghai were investigated.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that local epidemics have been reported in many places in China recently, and Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control is facing greater risks and challenges.

  On the 23rd, Guangdong Province added 7 local confirmed cases (2 cases in Guangzhou, 3 cases in Shenzhen, 2 cases in Foshan), 5 cases of asymptomatic infections (all in Shenzhen), and 10 cases of local asymptomatic infections were transferred to the diagnosis (Shenzhen). 6 cases, 3 cases in Foshan, 1 case in Meizhou).

  Guangzhou City introduced on the 24th that 2 positive people (couples) were found in the city's fever clinic on the 23rd, and they were later diagnosed as confirmed cases. The infected virus was the Omicron variant BA.2.76.

According to the epidemiological investigation, it is highly likely to be infected by contact with transit personnel from other provinces.

Because the trajectory of this case involves multiple districts and has a wide range of activities, experts have judged that there is a certain risk of community transmission, and the possibility of secondary cases cannot be ruled out.

  According to a report from Shenzhen City, among the 8 newly infected people in the city on the 23rd, 4 were close contacts in centralized isolation, 2 were key personnel in closed-loop management, and 2 were found in community screening, indicating that the epidemic also has a risk of community transmission. .

  The number of newly infected people in Shaanxi has dropped significantly, and the social risk of the epidemic in Chengdu, Sichuan is low

  On the 23rd, Shaanxi Province added 15 local confirmed cases and 26 asymptomatic infections, from three cities of Xi'an, Shangluo and Weinan.

As of 24:00 on the 23rd, Shaanxi Province currently has 186 confirmed local cases in hospital and 297 asymptomatic infected persons under medical observation.

  According to reports, the source of this round of epidemic in Shaanxi Province is complex, and there are multiple chains of transmission.

However, the number of newly infected people in the province on the 23rd decreased significantly compared with the previous days, and most of them were found in centralized isolation places and key control areas, and the epidemic situation was improving.

  Sichuan Province added 15 local confirmed cases and 22 asymptomatic infections on the 23rd, mainly from Chengdu (9+8) and Nanchong (6+13).

  According to reports, among the 17 newly infected people in Chengdu, 2 were asymptomatic people who were transferred to the diagnosis, 4 were people who returned to Chengdu from other provinces, and there was no local social activity track; 10 were staff in isolation places, which were found in the whole process of closed-loop management. , 1 case is a close contact of the previous case, and the risk of social epidemic is low.

Among the 19 newly infected people in Nanchong City, 15 were close contacts of isolation and control, and 4 were found in the monitoring of key populations.

  According to Nanchong City, there are 12 local confirmed cases and 19 asymptomatic infections in the city.

In order to prevent the spread and spillover of the epidemic, Nanchong City issued an announcement a few days ago to strictly prevent the outflow of people and strictly prohibit gathering activities.

At present, some key areas in Nanchong City implement static management.