Today (26th), which is a holiday, the sweltering heat will continue.

A heat wave advisory is in effect nationwide, including parts of Seoul, and Seoul will be as hot as yesterday at 30 degrees.

Samcheok and Uljin, where they reached 35 degrees yesterday, will go down a bit, but it will still be hot.

The humidity is high here, making it easier to get tired, so please take good care of your health.

Atmospheric instability is getting worse today, and strong showers are expected in most of the country, including Seoul.

Depending on the location, there is a possibility that it will pour very strongly at a rate of 30mm per hour, so you need to be careful about safety accidents.

It's mostly cloudy across the country today, but you have to be careful about fog until morning around the coast.

On Jeju Island, it will occasionally rain until the day after tomorrow.

The current temperature is 25.1 degrees in Seoul and 29.3 degrees in Gangneung, and there are places where tropical nights appear overnight.

The highest temperature during the day will be around 30 degrees in Seoul and around 30 degrees in the whole country.

There is a possibility that it will rain tomorrow, mainly in the south.

Heavy rain is expected to continue for a long time in the central part of the country.

(Meteorological Caster Lim Eun-jin)