The dawn is imminent, and the responsibility of the Quartet must not be slackened.

  ■ Editorial

  In the critical stage of the transition from emergency response to normalized prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control, it is especially necessary to continue to tighten and consolidate the responsibilities of the Quartet, continue to promote dynamic clearing, and continuously consolidate the positive situation.

  On the afternoon of May 29, the Beijing epidemic prevention and control press conference reported that after more than a month of continuous fighting, the number of new cases in Beijing has dropped significantly for seven consecutive days, and there have been no new social cases for two consecutive days. The epidemic has been effectively controlled. The situation is stable and improving.

  Since the resurgence of the epidemic in Beijing on April 22, with the joint efforts of the whole city, the epidemic has finally been effectively controlled, and the results of epidemic prevention are continuing to be consolidated, and the dawn is imminent.

This is the best verification of our precise and scientific epidemic prevention measures, and the best reward for every frontline worker fighting against the epidemic.

  After more than a month of continuous struggle, today's achievements in epidemic prevention are really hard-won and must be cherished.

And this also requires us to continue to implement the responsibilities of the Quartet, and constantly consolidate and consolidate the epidemic prevention dams.

This is because, although the current round of the epidemic in Beijing has been effectively controlled, the current prevention and control situation is still severe, and the risk of rebound still exists. Any link or post's inattentiveness and laxity may lead to "the embankment bursting ant nest" Risks will make the hard-won results of epidemic prevention fall short.

The more critical period the situation is improving, the more we must keep a clear head and not take it lightly, to prevent one "dropping the chain" and losing defenses everywhere.

  At present, at the critical stage of the transformation of Beijing's epidemic prevention and control from emergency response to normalized prevention and control, some epidemic prevention measures are being dynamically adjusted by zoning and grading. Unblocking, many regions are returning to normal production and living order in an orderly manner.

  For example, since May 29, various parks in the city have begun to open at a 50% current limit; movie theaters in the city that have been suspended for one month will also be opened at a 50% current limit if they meet the conditions, and will be opened next week. The official opening of the 2022 summer program.

All these good news show the effectiveness of this round of epidemic prevention and control.

Beijing began to regain its vitality and vitality.

  But it should also be noted that as of now, there are 7 high-risk areas and 14 medium-risk areas in the city.

Dine-in meals in catering institutions have not resumed, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have been suspended from returning to school, colleges and universities continue to implement campus closure management, communities (villages) are still on duty 24 hours a day, and offline training institutions, Internet cafes, KTVs, etc. have not resumed business.

  This is a prudent arrangement made in view of the fast spreading speed and strong concealment of the Omicron variant, and considering the continuous consolidation of the good situation of epidemic prevention, it reflects the rigorous and meticulous design of Beijing's epidemic prevention policy.

This also reminds all parties in the society that epidemic prevention and control still cannot tolerate the slightest slack.

  Unblocking does not mean unblocking, and letting go does not mean relaxing.

Epidemic prevention policies are adjusted in a step-by-step and orderly manner according to changes in the epidemic situation, corresponding to changes in the responsibilities of territories, departments, units, and individuals.

Under the background that the epidemic has been effectively controlled, the change of epidemic prevention responsibility often easily evolves into a reduced awareness of responsibility performance, and prevention and control measures cannot accurately meet the corresponding responsibility requirements, resulting in downgrades.

  Therefore, in this critical period, to further compress and consolidate the responsibilities of the Quartet, it is necessary for relevant parties to pay attention to policy changes in a timely manner, clarify the requirements of responsibilities, but also always maintain a strong awareness of epidemic prevention, maintain a clear head, and overcome paralysis, war weariness, and fluke mentality. , relax mentality, strictly implement social epidemic prevention measures, continue to promote dynamic clearing, and continuously consolidate the positive situation.

  In the face of the epidemic, everyone is a line of defense.

In some cases reported recently, if the infected person went out many times during the home isolation period, resulting in the isolation of more than 5,000 people, the police have filed a criminal case for investigation; There are hidden dangers in the spread of the epidemic, and they are administratively detained by the police in accordance with the law... This is a reminder that the more the dawn of victory lies ahead, the more it is necessary to compact the "quartet of responsibilities" to ensure that everything is safe.

  Epidemic prevention and control is a systematic project. Only with the full understanding and support of all social parties and active cooperation with various epidemic prevention policies can we achieve the goal of dynamic clearing as soon as possible and usher in the final victory of epidemic prevention and control. .