A Syrian baby provokes sympathy on social media

The incident of finding a Syrian baby at the entrance to a building in the countryside of Damascus aroused widespread sympathy on the social media, and some offered to adopt the child, who was found next to him, a paper on which was written, "The mother died at birth.. someone to deliver to the orphanage."

Many presented the adoption of the child in the comments on the post broadcast by the Syrian Ministry of the Interior on the social networking site "Facebook", while others were surprised by the sentence written on the paper, saying: "Why does the one whose mother dies throw him in the street... taking care of the orphan is good."

The ministry said that a report was received to the director of the Daraya region from a citizen who found a newborn child at the entrance to the building in which he lives in Moadamiya al-Sham wrapped in a white towel, including a sheet of paper written on it (the mother died at birth). And it turned out that he was healthy and in good health, and he was handed over to the concerned authority.

The ministry added that investigations are continuing to find the child's parents.

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