A strong wind blows, and the untimely heat subsides.

Today (27th), strong winds of up to 55 km/h will blow instantaneously across the country, and a dry warning has been issued for Daegu, Gyeongsan, and Gumi.

Make sure that there are no objects blown away by the wind, and pay special attention to preventing fire accidents.

We're off to a relatively cool start this morning, and by daytime the temperature will be similar to yesterday or a little higher.

As a warm southwesterly wind gradually blows, the heat of around 30 degrees will come again on the weekend.

Currently, there are places where raindrops fall lightly in the northern part of Gangwon, but most of it will be over in the morning and the sky will be clear across the country today.

There will be times when it rains in the inland and mountainous areas of central and southern Gangwon, and the ozone concentration is high today, so people with respiratory problems should be careful.

In the daytime, the sun will shine strongly.

If you look at the temperature in detail, the current temperature in Seoul is 16.1 degrees, Daejeon 16.7 degrees, and Daegu 17.6 degrees.

Rain is expected across the country next Monday.

Hope you have a great last Friday in May.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)