China News Agency, Changsha, May 11 (Xiang Yipeng) In order to deeply learn the lessons of the collapse accident of Changsha residents' self-built houses, Changsha officials recently issued the "Ten Measures for the Safety Management of Operating Self-built Houses in Changsha" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") , comprehensively strengthen the safety management of self-built commercial houses, and resolutely curb safety risk accidents.

  The "Measures" require that, in accordance with the principle of "every construction must be managed, all construction must be approved, and no construction shall be approved without approval", new self-built houses must go through land use, planning, construction and other related procedures in strict accordance with laws and regulations. "Short approval for more construction", "construction while approval", "illegal reconstruction" and other phenomena, illegal construction activities without approval and unauthorized construction should be stopped in time, and punished in accordance with laws and regulations.

  New self-built houses must be constructed in strict accordance with the construction planning, design drawings, construction technical standards and operating procedures. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners, construct without drawings or change and rebuild without authorization, so as to ensure the quality of the project and the safety of the building.

After the self-built house is completed, it shall apply for relevant acceptance procedures as required. Those that meet the standard requirements shall be accepted and passed the registration of the real estate title certificate; those that are put into production and operation without the completion acceptance and have hidden dangers of major accidents shall be approved according to law. shut down.

  The "Measures" clarifies that self-built houses used as business premises must be used for business operations under the premise of ensuring the safety of the houses after a legal, authentic and overall house safety appraisal report has been issued by a qualified professional institution.

Self-built houses are strictly prohibited to be used as business premises without qualification.

  For illegal and illegal addition of floors, reconstruction and expansion, excavation of basements, construction of lattice houses, unauthorized changes to load-bearing structures and over-design to increase loads, operating self-built houses with potential safety hazards and functional defects, risk rectification must be carried out by classification and classification. It is strictly forbidden to put it into use before the rectification is in place.

For self-constructed buildings with obvious structural cracks, wall cracks and slopes, foundation subsidence and other collapse risks or signs, resulting in major safety hazards, self-construction houses must be ordered to suspend business, and those that should be demolished in accordance with the law must be demolished. Work, rest and stay.

  The "Measures" stated that it is strictly forbidden to illegally engage in housing safety appraisal activities.

Implement "zero tolerance" for the behavior of housing safety appraisal units issuing false appraisal appraisal reports, and investigate and deal with them together if they are found.

  Without the approval of the relevant industry authorities, self-built houses shall not be used for business or out-of-scope business.

The mixed operation of living, operating, warehousing, etc. in self-built houses should be cleaned up and rectified.

Standardize "multiple industries on the first floor", and strictly prohibit chaotic and disorderly operations such as "multiple uses in one room", which may cause management confusion and potential safety hazards.