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  Recently, at the "Deep Enjoyment +" sharing meeting hosted by the Investment and Financing Professional Committee of Guangdong Tourism Association, Rou Xia, general manager of Super Mart Cultural and Creative and cultural and creative course instructor of Guangdong Cultural Tourism Interest Camp, led the participants. The theme of "Culture and Cultural and Creative IP" will discuss how to better explore the cultural connotation behind cultural and creative products, and how to create a trendy cultural and creative market that will conquer the appetite of young people.

  It is reported that since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the "hard to find" mascot Bing Dundun has become a hot topic in the circle of friends. , The super cultural and creative IP that everyone yearns for.

It not only drives the production and sales of related cultural and creative equipment and supplies, but also contributes to the "Jing-Zhang tourism boom" in the post-Winter Olympics era.

  Qunar.com data shows that nearly 80% of users who purchase Guochao cultural and creative products also purchased air tickets, hotels and tickets for cultural tourism IP sites—buying Guochao cultural and creative, punch-in cultural landmarks, and good cultural and creative products It is attracting more contemporary young tourists to travel destinations.


  Cultural and Expo venues around the country have become "pioneering places" for tourism, cultural and creative development

  As a kind of art derivatives, cultural and creative products for tourism activities refer to the designer's understanding of tourism culture, combining the cultural elements of the original artwork with the creativity of the product itself, thereby forming a new type of tourism cultural and creative products.

  In recent years, tourism cultural and creative products have become extremely popular in the market, mainly among young people. Excellent tourism cultural and creative products have not only become objects that people are eager to collect, but also bring real passenger flow to scenic spots, attracting young people to go there. Look at the real cultural relics, visit the lively ancient villages, and feel the power of culture and countryside - the relevant person in charge of the Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, Sichuan personally confirmed that many tourists are re-created because of the "popular" Sanxingdui cultural and creative ice cream. I walked into a museum that I haven't been in for many years.

  Cultural and creative products are becoming more and more popular, and scenic spots are increasingly reliant on good cultural and creative products. The two have formed a "virtuous circle" of feedback.

Among them, tourism and cultural creations in the category of cultural and blogging have always been the most popular.

  It is reported that the new member of the "Huxiang Collection BOX" series launched by the Hunan Provincial Museum "Hunan People Gene Code" real-life puzzle game is very popular. personal password".

Zhou Wentao, vice president of Qichuang Tourism Group and general manager of Qichuang Tourism Planning and Consulting Agency, analyzed that museums across the country are currently exploring new ways and means to increase personalized and immersive experiences to revitalize history and culture and bring cultural relics and cultural relics closer to their collections. The distance of life, which must be an important part of the future cultural tourism product system.

In his opinion, cultural and creative tourism products in the cultural and expo category will continue to become popular.

  A reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News learned that the "13th Five-Year Plan" National Cultural Relics Unit (Museum) Cultural and Creative Products Final Evaluation Meeting held in Beijing last September selected 33 pieces (sets) of cultural and creative products from 30 museums.

The Guangdong Provincial Museum's "From Rembrandt to Monet - Five Hundred Years of European Painting" exhibition digital cultural and creative has become the only digital cultural and creative boutique awarded.

  It is reported that this work is a digital interactive project launched in conjunction with the exhibition "From Rembrandt to Monet - Five Hundred Years of European Painting". The audience is placed in a special installation to take pictures. So as to realize the interaction with the exhibits.

  Relying on digital technology, this digital cultural and creative industry is also a new exploration of the Provincial Expo with cultural creativity as the core, presenting the digitalization of production, the networking of communication, and the personalization of consumption.


  Tourism cultural and creative should dig deep into culture and listen to the voice of the market

  Excellent cultural products must be based on a certain cultural support. However, there are still many cultural and creative products on the market that are only simple visual maps or combinations, and have not yet delved into the culture itself.

In response to this phenomenon, at the sharing meeting on the theme of "Youth Culture and Cultural and Creative IP", Rou Xia, general manager of Super Mart Cultural and Creative and cultural and creative course instructor of Guangdong Cultural Tourism Interest Camp, explained his understanding of the cultural connotation behind cultural and creative products. .

  Rouxia believes that the most simple criteria for judging whether cultural and creative products are successful and valuable are product sales and market feedback.

"The core of cultural and creative products is to explore culture. Through the secondary creation and processing, the design sense of the product is highlighted, so that consumers can feel the cultural connotation that is truly integrated into the product, as well as the designer's hard work." For designers, the most important Don’t work behind closed doors, you need to combine market data, listen to the voice of the market, and then integrate your own creativity.

  In Rouxia's view, individuality, novelty, high quality, and cross-border play are the labels that young people love.

Taking the popular cultural and creative market as an example, it is particularly important to infiltrate mainstream youth culture into the cultural and creative market in order to firmly grasp the appetite of young people.

  Rouxia analyzed that the cultural and creative products preferred by contemporary young people often have fixed IP attributes, including high appearance, new categories, attitude, and cross-border play.

Among them, "attitude", especially refers to the product that can make people want to share, which fits the personalized consumption concept of Generation Z, and can express a unique attitude towards life. A portrait of the product brand.


  Rural culture and creativity promote the revitalization of rural culture and industry

  Since the epidemic, "going to the countryside" has become more and more the theme of surrounding tourism that young people love. Combined with relevant national policies, my country's rural tourism theme market has ushered in a new round of development opportunities.

The industry believes that the current main body of rural tourism, led by young tourists, is increasingly calling for the application of cultural creativity in rural tourism.

  Dr. Chen Nanjiang, Vice President of Guangdong Tourism Association, pointed out that there are various definitions of cultural creativity, which can be simply understood as cultural content plus creative methods: creative names, creative appearances, creative projects, creative activities, creative products, etc. its columns.

At present, in my country, the lack of creativity in development and management, and the combination of rural tourism and cultural creativity is far from enough, which is the key to restricting the development of rural tourism.

  Chen Nanjiang divides the integration of cultural, creative and tourism into three levels, namely: the basic level (making goods), the advanced level (making content) and the high level (making marketing).

  "The most simple and direct application of cultural and creative products in rural tourism is commodity packaging, which can greatly improve the artistic quality of commodities and increase tourists' desire to buy." Chen Nanjiang said that the key to rural cultural and creative commodities is to reflect agricultural civilization and reflect We love the land that nurtures us and respect the nature represented by the twenty-four solar terms. Rural cultural and creative sales are not only commodities, but also creative ideas that can resonate, the aesthetic taste that endows quality and the life style of local people.

  From the content level, cultural creativity is an important means for rural tourism to get out of the same situation.

At the same time, cultural creativity is also a key means of rural marketing innovation - taking the image of "Kumamon Bear" in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan as an example, as a rural IP with its own character, action, language and even government positions, Kumamon bears are also full of various news events. , so it quickly became a household name and was regarded as a classic.

  In Chen Nanjiang's view, in the upsurge of developing rural tourism, all localities should actively integrate resources and strengthen cooperation with design companies, cultural and creative companies and even specialized tourism cultural and creative companies. Accelerate the promotion of rural industrial revitalization and cultural revitalization.

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