On November 9, the Supreme People's Court issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Rectification of False Lawsuits."

  Ye Shaosheng, the deputy chief of the Fourth Criminal Division of the Supreme People's Court, said that false litigation acts hinder judicial order and infringe on the lawful rights and interests of others. The social harm is very serious. The punishment and crime prevention functions of the penalty must be brought into full play, and the relevant personnel must be held criminally responsible in accordance with the law.

  He mentioned that in response to the people’s strong reaction to the false litigation of "routine loans", the "Opinions" proposed that it is necessary to promptly identify and severely crack down on false litigation and illegal criminal activities in "routine loans" in accordance with the law. It should be determined in accordance with the law to maintain a high-handed approach to "routine loan" false litigation, illegal and criminal actions, and earnestly safeguard the judicial order and the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and meet the people's psychological expectations for fairness and justice.

(Reporter Shan Lu)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]