Chinanews client, Jinan, October 23 (Reporter Shangguan Yun Liang Ben) Recently, an interview group of the "China on the Mother River" network theme event came to Jinan, Shandong to visit the high-profile "Ten Thousand Miles Yellow River First Tunnel"— —Jinan Yellow River Jiluo Road Tunnel.

  How does this tunnel cross the "hanging river" on the ground?

Jinan Yellow River Jiluo Road Tunnel.

(UAV aerial photography).

Photo by Liang Ben

"Tianmo" becomes a thoroughfare

  "The water of the Yellow River came up from the sky and rushed to the sea without returning." Public information shows that the Yellow River flows to Jinan, and the sediment deposits evolve into a suspended river above the ground, becoming a "heavenly moat" that hinders the development of Jinan's city. 

  After years of development, Jinan has formed a belt pattern with Daming Lake as the center, long and narrow from east to west, and short from north to south.

The space for urban development is limited. In order to change this situation, the Jinan Yellow River Jiluo Road Tunnel, which was invested and constructed by Jinan Urban Construction Group and constructed by China Railway 14th Bureau, came into being.

  According to reports, the project has a total length of 4,760 meters, of which 2519.2 meters use a shield tunnel to cross the Yellow River. The outer diameter of the tunnel segment is 15.2 meters. The upper layer of the tunnel is a two-way 6-lane urban road, and the lower layer is reserved for rail transit.

  The tunnel has a long distance, shallow soil, high water pressure, and extremely risky construction. It is known as the "first tunnel in the Yellow River in thousands of miles".

  It was completed and opened to traffic on September 29.

This is the world's first tunnel to cross the "hanging river" on the ground, and it has an important role in promoting the high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and the progress of China's engineering technology.

  After the Jiluo Road Tunnel is opened to traffic, you can drive across the Yellow River in the fastest 5 minutes.

The development of the North Crossing along the river is of great significance to guide Jinan's urban population, infrastructure and industries to expand northward, and will accelerate Jinan's move from the "Daming Lake Era" to the "Yellow River Era".

The tunnel design is quite "cultural"

  The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation, and the culture of the Yellow River is an important part of Chinese civilization.

The tunnel design of the "Ten Thousand Miles Yellow River First Tunnel" is quite "cultural."

Data map: On September 29, the Jinan Yellow River Jiluo Road Tunnel was completed and opened to traffic.

The picture shows the tunnel.

Picture provided by the construction unit

  It is understood that the theme design of the Jinan Yellow River Jiluo Road Tunnel is "Yellow River Roots and Peaceful Years". It is positioned as the integration of the city and the river, the dynamic and the static, and contains the design concept of "the harmony between man and nature".

  The entrance of the tunnel is designed as a "Nine-year-old bend" sound barrier.

Using the traditional water pattern of the Yellow River, the site, color, light and shadow are combined to recreate the topography of the Yellow River and the natural beauty of the flow of the Yellow River, depicting the poetic and picturesque urban heritage in the Yellow River picture scroll in the new era.

  In addition, a "Yellow River Happiness Tree" is set on the wall of the cave, which is drawn on the steel cover plate of the side wall using 3D printing and filming technology, which implies tenacity, striving for progress, and building a vision of a harmonious and symbiotic ecology.

  Not only that, the tunnel is based on the starry sky of the Yellow River. It is illuminated with warm colors and the arc light on the top expresses the sense of crossing the Yellow River. When driving through the tunnel, you can feel the beauty of the light flowing in the starry sky from a distance.


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