A symposium was held online to discuss how to deal with "poverty of the corona sickness", and participants complained that "it is important to support the lives of society as a whole while everyone is affected by the corona sickness." Has gone up.

The symposium was held by the NPO "Moyai" based in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, where Mr. Ren Onishi, the chairman, Mr. Hiroki Mochizuki, the writer, and Mr. Natsuki Yasuda, the photojournalist, exchanged opinions online.

Among them, Mr. Mochizuki said, "Everyone is affected by the corona sickness, and poverty cannot be said to be a self-responsibility. There is nothing that can be gained by blaming individuals for unemployment, etc. Is important. "

Mr. Yasuda said, "The problem of poverty is becoming harder to see now. Some Internet cafe refugees and some live in trunk rooms. One support activity cannot support it, and multifaceted support such as securing food and housing is available. It's important. "

"Moyai" distributes food in front of Tochomae every Saturday, but the number of people who gathered on the 25th was 394, the highest number ever, and young people and women were also conspicuous.

After the symposium, Mr. Onishi, Chairman of "Moyai," said, "There is a lot of interest in the issue of poverty due to the corona sickness. From now on, it is important to create a system where everyone can receive public support."