In the fifth wave, when Delta strains are rampant, infections among younger generations in their 20s and 30s are increasing compared to the past, and some people are getting worse.

A 20-year-old male student whose symptoms worsened to the point where he couldn't breathe on his own responded to the interview and recalled the situation in which he was forced to say, "I thought I was dying."

Confirmation of infection due to headache and fever "Because the surroundings were mild ..."

The interviewee was a 20-year-old male university student living in Osaka prefecture.

A man went to a nearby hospital with a headache and a fever of 38 degrees late last month and was confirmed infected.

The first vaccine was scheduled to be given a week later.

A man who was originally engaged in martial arts, had no underlying illness, and was confident in his physical strength, saw that many of his friends around him had recovered in about a week, and the new corona had influenza. It is said that he thought it was something like that.

The man recalls, "I heard that young people don't get seriously ill, and all the people around me were mildly ill, so I was only wondering if they would feel the same."

The start of hotel medical treatment and the worsening of symptoms The fever of 40 degrees did not stop ...

However, three days later, the symptoms of a man who started medical treatment at a hotel to prevent infection to his family gradually worsened.

Even if I take an antipyretic, my fever rises to 40 degrees and my coughing doesn't stop.

At that time, in a video posted on SNS by a man, a dry cough continued and he commented, "I've been having a fever all the time. It's like an asthma coming out of my bronchi."

At this point, he said he could still afford to post on social media and tell his friends about the situation.

The night of the 4th day of hotel medical treatment

A post on SNS on the 4th day after entering the hotel states that "I'm about to die from a cough, but it's a relief to keep the oxygen concentration (in the blood) at 97% or 98%."

But this was the last post.

It is said that the situation changed completely that night.

The value indicating the concentration of oxygen in the blood fell below 90, and the alert of the measuring device continued to sound.

He said he was so conscious that he couldn't even reach out to the extension phone next to his bed to contact the nurse.

You can only move it at hand.

I pressed 119 with the smartphone I was holding in my hand.

The man said, "I was a little reluctant to contact you at 119, and I wondered if this was the way to go, but I couldn't breathe and thought I would really die, so I pressed 119 and said,'Sorry, hey. Please contact the hotel. ”I managed to tell him,” recalled the situation at that time.

Emergency transport to the hospital "I wonder if I will die anymore ..."

The nurse who was contacted rushed in and the man was taken to the hospital by emergency the next day.

When I took a CT scan at the hospital, my lungs were white, and I was diagnosed with "moderate 2" in which it was difficult to breathe on my own and oxygen administration was required.

Treatment began immediately, but he couldn't breathe and the man was about to lose consciousness again.

The man said, "I had a feeling that I was dying or I was greeted. I thought I had to tell the nurse that I was about to die, so I typed in" I can't breathe "on the smartphone screen. I told the nurse in the form of showing it. Then the nurse and the doctor flew in and raised the amount of oxygen inhaled up to 5 liters. I managed to breathe oxygen and cling to the raw. I looked back on the situation I was forced into.

Discharged after one week of hospitalization "I don't want anyone to experience suffering"

After that, the effect of the treatment gradually appeared, and the man was able to be discharged last week after being hospitalized for a week.

The man was able to return to life at home, but he said he was not worried about the future.

A muscular man lost 80 to 7 kilograms and lost his leg muscles.

I'm always dizzy because of the symptoms that appear to be aftereffects, and I can't go out alone, so I spend most of my time at home.

It is said that dysgeusia remains and bitterness like lemon zest remains no matter what you eat.

The man said, "I don't know when my taste will return, and I'm suddenly struck by an indescribable sense of anxiety about what the aftereffects will be. No matter how strong my body is, it doesn't matter. I realized that. "

He also seems to have infected his younger sister in high school and his tutor, and continues to blame himself.

The man said, "A moment of relaxation can lead to terrible pain, or it can lead to the suffering of people close to you. I would like you to say something like, "Isn't this a little bad?" Without doing anything, including the meaning of self-discipline. I don't want anyone to experience that kind of suffering anymore. " I was complaining.