As with humans, when it comes to dog names there are also fads.

Nowadays, what is most popular is to name them as a person, something that was strongly discouraged just two decades ago.

But also names of foods, fictional characters and countries.

The former Blackies, Jackies and Pipos are now replaced by

Brunos, Thor



Every year, the Rover pet sitter network publishes its list of most used names by pulling from the extensive database it manages.

In the absence of the


doing the same with pets as with humans, that is, periodically publishing the most frequent names and surnames in the country, we are left with the data from Rover to verify that the imagination of Spaniards to the time of baptizing the pet has very precise limits.

Bimba and Lola dogs

According to Rover, the most used male dog name in 2020 was


followed by

Thor, Max, Rocky,

and - oh, surprise, some classics never die -


As for the females,

Luna, Nala, Kira, Lola

and - it was not going to be less -


win by a landslide


With regard to major trends, the one that leads owners to call their puppies with food-related names is especially unique:

Bimbo, Macaroni, Sushi,

Oreo, Kinder ...

Although the classic


is still the most chosen when it comes to evoking food. If you're wondering about drink names, yes, there are also dogs with names that evoke the joys (or sorrows) of alcohol. The most popular:


(although who knows if the choice is not so much related to the drink as it is to

Harry Potter's

close friend


In terms of movies and series, the 2020 winners were


(from 'Thor'),


(from 'Game of Thrones'),


(from 'The paper house') and


(from 'Star Wars').

And if we talk about geography,

India, Asia, Kenya





The influencers, on the list: Chiara wins

And we get to humans. Their names make up 40% of those that are part of the top 100 produced by Rover.

Kira, Leo, Mía, Lucas and Noa

are the most popular. But if we talk about diminutives,

Lola, Pepa, Curro, Cuca





And if you thought that everyone would resist the temptation to name their dog by the name of an influencer, you were very wrong. The most frequent:

Chiara, Gigi, Kim



In the past it was taboo to name dogs after humans (although it was done, since most of the names of dogs were English diminutives of people's names). Today, however, the experts have nothing to say about it, since from an animal welfare point of view, that choice is

absolutely irrelevant.

The only thing that is recommended when it comes to names is a classic: "Experts say that the 'correct' thing is to give an animal a short name that contains some strange and colorful phoneme (letter), for example, a k. But the true experts, which are the animals, have not yet informed us of their preferences, "they explain from Veterinary Insurance.

Another very different thing is that that person's name is one of the manifestations of a phenomenon on the rise that greatly worries veterinarians: the

humanization of pets.

Dressing the dogs, sitting them at our table, treating them like a member of the family, paying excessive attention to them in the belief that their mind works like a human mind, which is not true.

The main consequence: dogs extraordinarily


on their masters and with serious

behavior and socialization problems.

But it is another issue and should be dealt with, as they said in 'The endless story', in another article.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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