Wei Zuying, 41 years old this year, is the head of the Zuying Embroidery Poverty Alleviation Workshop in Mei'e Community, a resettlement site for poverty alleviation in Congjiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. Wei Zuying, who has hand-embroidered and sewing basics since childhood, has not only improved her embroidery skills through self-study, but also She also keeps innovating and boldly introduces computer embroidery technology to make embroidery more technological.

Wei Zuying returned to his hometown to start a business in August 2011 and established his own embroidery company in March 2020 with the support of all parties. It mainly produces ethnic costume embroidery and other products, which can solve the employment problem of 240 people.

The picture shows Wei Zuying (right) and his employees introducing products through live broadcast on mobile phones.

Release time: 2021-05-07 15:01:05 【Editor: Li Peiyun】