Record number of screens in the 51st stall, mainly domestic films

Counting the 51st stalls in the past five years, the box office and ticket prices have risen. This year, the situation has changed drastically. There is no imported blockbuster vying for the title.

  Although there were three days in the May 1st holiday in previous years, the total box office has always performed well. Especially in 2019, it exceeded the 1.5 billion box office mark in just three days, making the 51st stall second only to the Spring Festival. One of the most popular schedules for the National Day and National Day.

According to the professional version of Lighthouse Data, the total box office of the 51st stall has been on the rise from 2015 to 2019 (not counting the suspension of business due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020).

From 2015 to 2019, the box office of the 51st tier in mainland China's film market rose from 635 million yuan (excluding service fees) to 1.527 billion yuan (including service fees), an average annual increase of 33.18% year-on-year, and the 51st tier also increased. It is getting more and more attention from the outside world.

The Beijing News compiled the 51st data in the past five years, and detailed how the 51st file has brought more vitality and vitality to the Chinese film market.

Schedule box office is on the rise, and the number of screenings breaks a record this year

  Over the years, the 51st file has been one of the golden periods of the movie market. Many blockbusters will choose to be released at this schedule or before May Day. The increase in film types, the gradual fixation of blockbusters, and the luxury of the cast lineup have all driven the film market. Overall consumption.

Looking at the box office trends of the 51st film in recent years, the box office of this period has shown a steady upward trend. From 2015 to 2019, the box office of the 51st film in the mainland China film market has risen from 635 million yuan (excluding service fees) to 2019. The year-on-year increase was 1.527 billion yuan (including service fees), of which the year with the highest year-on-year increase was 69.2% in 2015 and the lowest year was 3.6% in 2016.

The box office of the 51st stall has risen following the growth of the movie market. However, since the previous schedule itself only had 3 days of holidays and the volume was small, the growth rate of the 51st stall will often fluctuate, and the strong film can even burst into the year. An increase of more than 100%, such as a slightly weaker film in 2016, only a slight increase of 3.6%.

  From the perspective of film types, the previous 51 box office champions were mostly imported films. For example, the box office champion in 2015 was "Fast and Furious 7", and the box office champion in 2017 was "Fast and Furious 8". By May 1st in 2019, It is the Marvel movie "Reunion 4" that dominates the screen. With its own efforts, the box office of the 51st stall has reached 1.527 billion yuan. The film also contributed 80.79% of the box office revenue.

In the 51 files of the past few years, domestic films have also regained their box office losses by virtue of their quality. For example, in 2016, "Beijing Meets Seattle: The Love Letter" won the 51 box office championship with 354 million yuan. The box office champion of 2018 was Liu Ruoying's "Later We" directed by Liu Ruoying. Although he was firmly at the top of the box office, he was caught in a cloud of fraud caused by large-scale refunds.

From the perspective of the number of films released, the number of films that have been fixed each year has not exceeded 10 in the past. In 2015, 2016 and 2019, there were 9 films, and in 2017 and 2018, there were 6 and 8 films respectively.

But by 2021, the number of known scheduled movies will be as high as 12.

With such a large number of films, this not-too-lively schedule has become the "most crowded" 51st file in history. After all, the Spring Festival file in the past two years can only accommodate 7 films.


"Su Ji 7" stamina is enough to change the movie from the Internet novel to the movie

  After "Fast and Furious 7" was released on April 12, 2015, it still showed an amazing ability to attract money in the 51st gear. With the 174 million yuan recorded in the 51st gear, the total box office was pushed to 2.43 billion yuan. Thanks to the performance of "Fast and Furious 7", the 51st gear in 2015 has skyrocketed by 69.2% compared to 2014 (440 million yuan).

Thanks to the dual-engine launch of "Fast and Furious 7" and the famous IP adaptation of the popular actor "Why is the Music", the short holiday revenue of the two films accounted for more than half of the market share of the 51st file. It is almost equal to the sum of the market in the 51st gear in 2014.

However, "Why Shengxiaomo" has also caused a lot of controversy. The film has an absolute advantage in terms of volume. The proportion of the film once reached 30.3%, but the reputation of the film was not good, and the trend was sluggish after May 1st, and the total box office remained At 350 million yuan.

The box office trend of this film marks the beginning of an online novel adaptation of the film "To Our Dying Youth" in May 1st in 2013. The works with only stars, IP and poor artwork have begun to be affected. The audience abandoned.


"Fuer Love Letters" Dominates the Family

  The 51st file in 2016 is the dominant situation in "Beijing Meets Seattle: The Love Letter". The film not only has an absolute advantage in the ranking of 35.7%, but also leads other films in the same period in terms of word-of-mouth and attendance. With the word-of-mouth blessing of the previous work "Beijing Meets Seattle" (520 million yuan), the 51st file output 438 million yuan contributed more than half of the total box office of the schedule. The final box office of the film reached 787 million yuan, refreshing the domestic romance movie at the time. Box office record.

Disney's fantasy blockbuster "Fantasy Forest" brings together the major advantages of big production, family carnival, and blasting reputation. It unexpectedly counterattacked. A film that was released for three weeks actually earned 170 million yuan in the box office with 14.7% of the films, and "Beijing" "Meeting Seattle's Love Letters" jointly crushed the remaining 51 domestically produced films, and jointly split the 51st file more than 90% of the share. It can also be seen that the holiday file has an impact on imported blockbusters and carnival films. Great demand.


Four domestic films hold a group to warm up the enemy, "Quick Exciting 8" rebounds strongly

  This year’s May 1st stage of the year’s box office "group blockade" of four domestic films was still sadly lost to the heavy industry Hollywood blockbuster "Fast and Furious 8", which was released on April 14. However, this May 1st stage was called by the audience. The best quality 51st gear.

Four new domestic films of various types, "The Bomb Disposal Expert", "Memory Master", "Like You", and "Chun Jiao Save Zhi Ming" were released collectively, which not only boosted the overall market, but also gained a good reputation from the audience, but still It did not stop the strong rebound of "Fast and Furious 8". As of the end of the 51st gear, "The Humbling Expert" had the highest box office among domestic films, earning 169 million yuan in three days, slightly lower than the three-day box office of "Quick and Furious 8" 174 million yuan.

Nevertheless, these four Chinese films still maintained a good demeanor and jointly issued a statement.

Domestic films at this time can be described as "It's a glorious defeat". Although they are disappointed to lose to "Quick Attack 8" at the overall box office, the four new films have made considerable progress in terms of film type and audience reputation.


"Later Us" became "Later Refund"

  In the May 1st gear of 2018, it reported a revenue of 1 billion yuan in three days, an increase of 28.3% year-on-year, which was the highest record ever.

Among them, Liu Ruoying's directorial debut "The Later Us" earned 638 million yuan in three days and became the biggest winner of the 51st file. The box office exceeded 200 million yuan on the first day of its release on April 28, but there was a large-scale refund that night; April On the 29th, Maoyan Movie issued a statement in the early morning that as of 23:00 on the 28th, the platform had been maliciously swiped up to 380,000 tickets, involving a box office of 13 million yuan. It has cooperated with the competent authority to investigate.

On April 30, the National Film Administration announced an investigation into the refund incident; the film producer also issued a statement stating that it would support the relevant departments to find out the truth.

The issue of ticket refunds is also reminding filmmakers that it is the common mission of filmmakers to provide audiences with high-quality film and television dinners, follow film industry guidelines, and create a good industry environment.

2019 year

"Reunion 4" revitalizes the market on its own

  Under the "fear of dominance" of "Avenger 4", the mainland film market achieved a box office record of 1 billion yuan in 2018 with a box office of 1.314 billion yuan three days before the May 1st gear, achieving the May 1st gear over the years. Among the best results, "Reunion 4" won 1.221 billion yuan on its own, accounting for a staggering 80%. The other eight 51-level movies can only share a few market shares.

If it weren't for "Avengers 4", this year's 51st gear would probably be a completely different situation!

Because "Avengers 4" is so powerful, almost no film dared to confront it head-on during this period.

Even though the film has been released on April 24, it still sits on the top spot, which has created a completely different scene for the 51st gear in 2019 than in previous years.

May 1st this year’s missing head videos

  Throughout the past five years, the excellent performance of the 51st file is mainly driven by imported films. These films with high cost, strong starring lineup, and big IP blessings took the lead in the hot movie market, plus the domestic "head and waist." "The joint efforts of the film have created very impressive box office results.

In 2019, "Reunion 4" swept the box office of 1.221 billion yuan in the 51st stall alone, accounting for almost 80% of the box office of the entire period; for example, in 2018, although there is a dark horse domestic film "Later Us" It won 638 million yuan at the box office, but the imported film "Frenzy Behemoth", which was released on April 8, still got 100 million yuan at the box office.

It can be found that the time-scheduled film market is driven by "explosive models". Not only do they use their great box office appeal to stay at the top of the box office list, they also naturally bring a fanatical and strong movie-watching atmosphere to the entire movie market, making going to the cinema to watch movies become a reality. A mainstream way to relax on holidays.

  Li Yulin, a theater manager who has been working in theaters for many years, said: "If there is a super hot style such as "Avengers 4", the absolute heat can boost the entire schedule. However, although the number of movies this year is sufficient, the type of themes And the creative team also have their own strengths and weaknesses. Judging from the initial and pre-sale results, they have no obvious difference in box office volume. It is difficult to determine who is the obvious top seed player." The situation mentioned by Li Yulin is mainly for this year's film. Two domestic and foreign head films are missing from the list. The North American schedule of Marvel’s latest blockbuster "Black Widow" was changed to July 9, which completely missed the 51st file; and "Chinese Doctor", which has been expected by the audience, did not. Appeared at this time as predicted, so except for the spy film "Above the Cliff" directed by Zhang Yimou, the 51st file this year is somewhat embarrassing of "the group of dragons without a leader".

The fare has increased the most in the past 3 years, and this year has an advantage of 2 days

  In the movie market this year, high ticket prices have always been a hot topic, and people are paying more and more attention to the increase in average movie ticket prices.

In the past 51st gear (2016-2018), the average ticket price increase was minimal, and it was basically the same in 2017 and 2018. However, in 2019, the craze for ticket replenishment has gradually subsided, and the ticket price has risen from 34.6 yuan to 43.5 yuan. The single ticket increase is close to 9 yuan. Compared with the situation of the previous Spring Festival stalls, the price of May 1st this year may also become the largest increase in recent years. How can many movies rely on their own quality to increase their ticket prices? Attracting audiences into the theater will be the key to whether the 51st gear can create a high box office this year.

  In addition, according to statistics, the previous May 1st gear only had 3 days of holidays, and this year's May 1st gear has 5 days of sufficient holidays. Because of the advantages of the number of days, the industry actively predicts that this year's May 1st gear will create a new box office record.

Box office analyst Luo Tianwen said that whether it was the "new crown pneumonia epidemic" restriction on the National Day last year or the call for "Chinese New Year in situ" in the Spring Festival this year, it is worth mentioning that the current May 1st gear is also from the beginning of 2020. Up to now, the first important schedule that has not been affected by the epidemic. Although the holiday is two days longer than before, whether people will put travel out in the first place will also affect the attendance of the theater.

"The call for Chinese New Year in situ has made movie watching during the Spring Festival the most important form of entertainment. Now, during the May 1st period, whether the'suffocated' audience will choose to travel is also an important factor that affects the movie market. In addition, this year There is no head film that must be watched during the deadline. Whether it can drive the audience to form a movie-watching craze is also a suspense."

"Schedule superstition" becomes more and more obvious, and the suspense of film withdrawal and fixation is great, which is not conducive to film scheduling

  In terms of genres, in the past, domestic romance films like to get together in the May 1st period, 2015's "Why Shengxiaomo", 2016's "Beijing Meets Seattle's Love Letter", 2017's "Like You", and 2018's With the blessing of celebrities, "Later Us", these domestic romance films have achieved good box office results. The usual practice of one romance film in May 1st each year did not really continue in 2019. Although "The Next Term: Ex" is a romance film, it was deeply caught in the suspicion of "touching porcelain" before it went online. This year, there is still "Yours". The set of films on the theme of love such as "The Wedding" has also been continued in terms of love genres. Li Yulin objectively said that at present, the 51st file is indeed very strong and has potential, with rich types and many audience choices, but it is also accompanied by hidden dangers such as insufficient heat and low movie-watching atmosphere. So many films are released together, in case the effect is not good, and the reputation is not good, it may mean that there will be no blockbuster hits until the release of "Fast and Furious 9" on May 21. "Even if there is a record-breaking film in the schedule, I am worried that when I am happy, a bunch of films will occupy the next Dragon Boat Festival. Nowadays, the larger movies prefer to be cannon fodder in the schedule rather than in the regular schedule. Time is released, so the entire movie market will be bleak most of the time, and every theater and every day will have performance pressure."

  The situation mentioned by Li Yulin is related to the group release and the frequent changes in the schedule of each film.

In previous years, many blockbuster films "landed" on the eve of May 1st, but generally the set time is relatively "advanced." As a result, the May 1st holiday was too short and three days passed in a hurry.

Secondly, the gold attracting power of only a three-day holiday is definitely not as important as the Spring Festival, Summer, and National Day files.

But this year is an exception. The five-day holiday means that more audiences will enter the theater; the lack of imported Hollywood movies also means that domestic films have more opportunities.

What makes people more looking forward to the schedule is that the schedules experienced this year have "exploded", setting a record continuously. The relatively literary "My Sister" can make a lot of money throughout the Ching Ming Festival, and the Ching Ming Festival has also become a lot of money. The strongest in history, more and more movies want to make use of the heat of the schedule to earn the box office.

As a result, many movies got together to fix the files, and they suddenly landed or changed files or withdrew before the schedule approached. They came and ran. Box office analyst Luo Tianwen believed that this is actually not a good thing: "This year The repeatedly broken schedule records have caused the Chinese film market to involuntarily fall into a kind of "schedule superstition". During the schedule, it is very lively; outside the schedule, it is very cold. The film changes before the schedule, and the pre-sale results cannot continue to grow. The change has made the theaters do not know how to arrange the film. Just like the box office of the Spring Festival stalls broke 7.8 billion yuan, the day when the box office broke 20 billion yuan for the whole year is actually five days later than 2019. This situation is very unhealthy."

  Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan