"Lao Lai" becomes a moral model, which is easy to produce a negative "demonstration" effect

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  Can "Laolai" become a moral model?

According to the Beijing News, on February 3, some netizens reported that He Zhimin, "Lao Lai" in Nanchong, Sichuan, was rated as a moral model of "Moving Shunqing 2018" in January 2019, and China Judgment Documents Net showed that he had borrowed money. The contract dispute case was included in the list of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement on December 16, 2018.

The staff of the Shunqing District Civilization Office responded that the selection process was flawed, but it was not enough to cancel the commendation of "filial piety and loving relatives".

Later on February 4, the office responded again saying that it had revoked its honorary title and withdrew its medals.

  Moral model exists as a moral benchmark, and the typical feature of "Laolai" is that it does not abide by honesty. The two are obviously incompatible.

In this case, the person involved, He Zhimin, has just become an "old Lai" for more than a month, but he was rated as a moral model, unreasonable and unreasonable. It is not only a dissolution of honor, but also a negative demonstration effect.

  As early as November 2016, the State Council of the Central Committee of the People's Republic of China issued a document clarifying that if the person who is untrustworthy is an individual, he shall not participate in the selection of moral model and charity awards.

This time, "Lao Lai" has become a moral model. Obviously, some links have been lost.

In fact, the local authorities did not deny this, and therefore revoked the honorary title of He Zhimin, but the related problems exposed by it still have a vigilant significance.

  For example, the local government stated in the initial response that the person involved, He Zhimin, paid his debts in a timely manner, and he was awarded a moral model because he respected the elderly, so his name was not cancelled.

This may not be tenable.

  First of all, He Zhimincheng's "Lao Lai" comes first, followed by being rated as a moral model, and his subsequent repayment behavior can not make up for his previous untrustworthy behavior. Secondly, the moral model is of course divided into "helping others", "righteousness" and "honesty and trustworthiness". There are five types of "dedication" and "filial piety, loving relatives", but we can't just look at the whole thing, and "filial piety" can hardly conceal the flaws of "distrust."

Therefore, the local decision to revoke the honorary title is also reasonable.

  Moreover, the local area knew what was wrong at first-"our procedure may be a little flawed, and we did not go to the court for a political trial."

No background check was conducted on the candidates before the selection. After that, not only must the program be patched in a timely manner, but also inferences must be drawn and the relevant mechanism must be improved.

  According to the revelation online post, when the parties publicize, they will use this moral model "personal design" to self-package and make a profit.

Although the local government did not explain the situation, it is certain that after the revocation of his honorary title, the party's attempt will inevitably fail.

And this also reminds that the selection of moral model cannot allow the "old Lai" to take advantage of the loopholes, let alone become the "image packaging method" for the ethical people to obtain social capital.

  □Zhong Ming (media person)