[Explanation] The 63-year-old Fu Jinlu, 30 years ago, carried Chinese medicinal materials on his shoulder from Longxi County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province on a green-skin train, and sold them to cities such as Guangzhou and Zhengzhou. The thing is to open up the map to check the route, walk around the streets and start shouting and selling Chinese herbal medicines.

It is the price difference of Chinese medicinal materials and the gradually found sales channels that made him expand from a family workshop of more than 10 square meters to a processing park covering an area of ​​thousands of square meters.

A few days ago, Fu Jinlu introduced to reporters in his office that as processing equipment is updated, the classification of decoction pieces has become more standardized, and the annual transaction volume can reach thousands of tons at the highest.

  [Concurrent] Fu Jinlu, a local drug dealer

  Trafficking in tens of kilograms, because there was no capital at the time, it was later expanded to three to five hundred kilograms, three to five tons, and then to more than ten tons. Now basically, the annual sales volume is several hundred tons.

During the planned economy, at that time, I planted dangshen in private plots with my parents. At that time, there was only a single species of dangshen. After the reform and opening up, small-scale trafficking began. The amount of tens of kilograms was carried out at a time. Three hundred catties.

  [Explanation] As the "millennium medicine township" Gansu Longxi continues to standardize the trading market, multi-functional trading markets such as public service centers, testing centers, and training centers have been added, and they have begun to attract pharmaceutical farmers from all over the country to come to this "Taobao", Fu Jinlu No more maps are needed to find sales. Instead, the trading center's online negotiation listing, delisting, the Internet, and modern logistics can be combined to buy and sell, breaking through the original medicinal material origin and market space restrictions.

The generous dividend has also attracted local pharmaceutical farmers and foreign merchants to stay here, and it has become a platform for trade negotiations among major pharmaceutical companies across the country.

For the development and changes of the local medicinal material market, the medicinal farmer Zhao Hongxia who has been in the business for more than ten years has the most experience.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Hongxia, a local medicine farmer

  More than ten years ago, we used to pull the carts to the market little by little. At that time, there were no slices, but now they are all turned into decoction pieces. It used to be very cold when placed outside the hood.

  [Explanation] Nowadays, the upstream and downstream of the local Chinese medicinal materials industry can share information with "zero cost, zero distance, and zero time difference", realizing "the manufacturer does not go out, medicinal materials can be sold in all directions", and the circulation of Chinese medicinal materials can be traded, financed, Traceability accelerates the circulation of Chinese medicinal materials and breaks the bottleneck of traditional transactions.

In recent years, Longxi County has set the goal of building a "Chinese Medicine Capital" and the core area of ​​the National TCM Industry Development Comprehensive Experimental Zone. The TCM industry has become the first industry supporting the county's economic development.

  Li Yalong Zhang Jing reports from Dingxi, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Bian Liqun]