The commemoration of the late comedian Park Ji-seon continued for the second day.

On the afternoon of today (3rd), fellow comedies such as comedians Jae-seok Yoo, Mi-hwa Kim, Ha-ryong Lim, Su-yong Kim, Yang-rak Choi and Hyun-suk Paeng, and Rok-ki Hong continued to visit the funeral hall of Idae Mokdong Hospital in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

Not only the comedy, but also some idol stars such as the key of the group SHINee, as well as lettuce and shori from the hip-hop duo Mighty Mouse.

In front of the funeral hall, numerous harmony sent by broadcasting officials including fellow entertainers were placed along the path of the deceased.

From senior comedians Kim Dae-hee and Kim Jun-ho to actors Han Ji-min, Jo In-seong, Kim Min-jeong, Yang Seung-dong, KBS president, and Kim Myung-joong, EBS president, expressed their condolences.

In the broadcaster, following Ahn Young-mi and Kim Shin-young, Jeong Seon-hee and Jeong Gyeong-mi were absent from the radio broadcast that day, and the schedule changed.

Comedian Kim Tae-gyun expressed his regret in the afternoon on SBS Radio Power FM's'Dousi Escape Cult To Show', saying, "There was something I didn't want to believe in yesterday. Today I'm going to show off my strength silently." He was a friend who was very caring and had a very good humanity. He mourned that he was a friend who was highly praised among the comedy, but his colleagues were very sad when he heard the unfortunate news. "I hope as a senior who only wants to go flower road on the way." .

The commemoration of the deceased continued on social media.

Following Park Ha-sun and Paik Jin-hee, who appeared on TV programs with the deceased, including Lee Nak-yeon, and the Democratic Party representative, stars such as Kim Go-eun, Yoon Se-ah, Umji-won, Yoon Jong-shin, Super Junior Lee Teuk, Baek A-yeon, and Ga-hee also posted memorials about the deceased on social media. .

The police decided not to perform an autopsy at the will of the survivors.

Balin is at 7am on the 5th, and Jangji is at Byeokje Seunghwawon.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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