Two Tokai University students arrested on suspicion of possessing cannabis October 28, 20:56

Two 22-year-old male students and graduates attending Tokai University were arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on the early morning of the 28th for possessing cannabis at a parking lot in Machida, Tokyo.

At Tokai University, it was just confirmed this month that two members of the baseball club used cannabis.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a police officer found two suspicious men in a parking lot in Machida City around 3:00 am on the 28th and asked him about his duties.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested the two on the spot on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law, as they all had around 1 gram of dried cannabis in a bag when they examined their belongings.

The arrested were a 22-year-old male student attending Tokai University and a 22-year-old graduate working part-time, and the Metropolitan Police Department has not disclosed the approval or disapproval of the two.

At Tokai University, it was just confirmed that two members of the baseball club used cannabis this month, and the baseball club has been suspended indefinitely.

The two arrested on the 28th have nothing to do with the baseball club, so the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the cannabis acquisition route in detail.