"Zip Air" for freight flight conversion Start of passenger flight operation New Corona October 16 7:45

While the aviation industry has been severely hit by the new coronavirus, "Zip Air" under the umbrella of Japan Airlines, which has continued to operate exceptionally by converting passenger planes to cargo flights, will connect Narita Airport and Seoul, South Korea on the 16th. For the first time, we will carry passengers and operate.

The international LCC = low-cost carrier "Zip Air" established by Japan Airlines has been forced to postpone the service of passenger flights scheduled for May due to the spread of infection, and from June passenger planes will be changed to cargo flights. We have continued to operate exceptionally to transport cargo in the form of diversion.

Zipair has decided to operate passenger flights for the first time, expecting that the government's immigration restrictions will be gradually relaxed and air traffic demand will recover in the future, and will operate routes connecting Narita and Seoul twice a week from the 16th. The round trip will start.

Shingo Nishida, president of "Zip Air," said, "We have been able to cover profits by operating freight flights. In the future, we will improve the passenger flight system and routes in case the spread of infection converges and air traffic demand recovers. I want to do it. "

In the aviation industry, where the business environment continues to be difficult, LCC's "AirAsia Japan" announced this month that it will withdraw from Japan, and "Jetstar Japan" will effectively withdraw from some domestic routes. We have clarified the policy to do so.