Attention passengers! Today Urumqi Airport flights canceled in large numbers

  Affected by the epidemic prevention and control situation, today Urumqi Airport flights were cancelled in large quantities.

  The reporter has just checked the data of Feichangzhun Industry Edition, and as of 11:20, 118 flights have been cancelled for incoming flights at Urumqi Airport and 109 flights have been cancelled for outgoing flights.

  Some airlines have issued travel reminders to passengers who have recently traveled to Urumqi. East China Sea Airlines has just issued an official Weibo message that, at the request of the Urumqi Airport Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, from 17th, Urumqi outbound passengers must hold a "negative" report of nucleic acid test within 7 days. In order to check in normally. Check-in counters and security inspection channels will check the nucleic acid test "negative" report; passengers coming to U.K. should request the nucleic acid test "negative" report starting from the 20th, in addition to the previous prevention and control requirements.

  Beijing Daily Client Reporter Pan Fuda