Iron scaffold tilted at the construction site Contact with the electric wire Blackout around the area Osaka Izumi June 30, 17:40


On the afternoon of the 30th, an iron scaffold tilted at a construction site in Izumi City, Osaka, and there was an accident that touched a nearby electric wire. The police are investigating the wind as if it was swollen.

At around 1:30 pm on the 30th, the fire department was notified that there was a spark from the electric wire at the Techno Stage, an industrial park in Izumi City.

A police investigation revealed that an iron scaffold, about 20 meters wide and about 30 meters high, that had been installed in the outer wall construction of the distribution center was tilted and touched a nearby electric wire.

No one was injured due to this accident, but the power outages are continuing at nearby business sites.

At that time, the maximum instantaneous wind speed of 26.7 meters was observed at Kansai Airport near Izumi City, and police are investigating the situation at that time, assuming that the scaffold was tilted due to strong winds.