The recently aired online drama "Longling Grottoes" unexpectedly received unanimous praise. In addition to the excellent production and the overall online factors of the actors, Pan Yueming's version of Hu Bayi has been recognized by netizens. After all, the previous Hu Bayi is a handsome and red version of Jin Dong, Chen Kun, Zhao Youting and so on. Pan Yueming once again used the role to bless the label of a strong actor.

  Pan Yueming apologized as soon as "Longling Cave" aired: "I saw everyone saying that I was fat, I know that Fat Bayi will affect the sense of substitution of the filaments to see this work, and I apologize to everyone! I will be behind In my work, I pay serious attention to the control of my own diet and body shape! I also want to keep an interesting and highly visible character in your mind! I will work hard for this! "Hu Bayi in the hearts of the fans He is handsome and handsome. Although Pan Yueming is handsome but Jin Dong and Zhao Youting, after all, he was once a "small fresh meat", and his thin appearance is fair. Obviously, Pan Yueming did not regard himself as "small fresh meat" any longer, and his figure management became uncontrollable, and he became a slightly obese and rugged Hu Bayi.

  Pan Yueming's fat version of Hu Bai appeared one by one, disappointing the audience. As the plot progressed, the audience became “true” on Fat Bayi: not to say that the characters did not match, watching the role he played, he forgot what Hu Bayi imagined when reading a book, and after reading it, he felt comfortable and read it. It was that person ... More and more praises made Pan Yueming return to his role again. It's not easy to do this, and it's not that "Lan Fan" already has a portrait of Hu Bayi in mind, and many popular male stars have shaped this character in recent years. It is difficult for Pan Yueming to break through.

  Before "Bai Ye Chasing the Murder", Pan Yueming was the proper "small fresh meat". His "Jinghua Smoke Cloud", his "White Snake Biography", his younger brother and white-faced scholar were the labels that Pan Yueming left in the hearts of the audience. At that time, he was a hot male star in the entertainment industry. His love was also a fairy lover of a golden boy and a girl. He dressed up as a handsome man. He appeared on the CCTV stage to sing you, my son, and my wife. Weak "small fresh meat".

  At the peak moment, Pan Yueming suffered a serious car accident in 2009 and was once notified of critical illness. After a few years of marriage change, Pan Yuming gradually faded out of sight and sank after a lot of trouble. In the long period before he turned red again with "White Night Pursuit", Pan Yueming had nothing to do. His most revealing announcement was on the stage of "Crossover Song King". His first song was "Quick Let" "I spread a wild on the snow", shocked the audience, sinking for too long, already a rock middle-aged with a red handkerchief blindfolded. Careful people can see that in that season of "Crossover Song King", Pan Yueming chose songs that subverted his "little fresh meat" image. "Song for Yourself" is the bitterness of life. "Once You" seemed to be excited Saying goodbye to the past, "Wukong" is touched by people who are intriguing ...

  It was later learned that it was precisely because of the gorgeous turn of the show from Wen to Wu that Pan Yueming entered "Bai Ye Chasing the Murder". The face that was too pure in youth may have blocked the true power of a person's heart. When the opportunity was regained in adversity, this power exploded.

  "Bai Ye Chasing Murder" is so wonderful. Pan Yueming, who is almost nobody's attention, is once again the explosion of the airport catwalk. People are chased wherever they go. People are looking forward to the second season of "Bai Ye Chasing Murder". Open it, and the two brothers Guan Hongfeng and Guan Hongyu he played, instead of exaggerating routines with a yell and a taciturn, but with normal, calm words, make people feel that they are not alone, and they can't tell where they are. Different. In this drama, Pan Yueming's acting skills are more than convincing. There are also differences between the brothers during the day and night, which is equivalent to four characters, and the shooting timeline is chaotic. The plot and the time point switch, the difficulty factor is quite Big.

  When I talked about Wang Kai as a high-quality idol last time, I thought he was missing an explosive model, and Pan Yueming was using the explosive model to tear off the "little fresh meat" label to become a real powerful actor, and it took another three years. Pan Yueming, through "Longling Grottoes", once again carried the power to the end with a new role. This is the most gratifying growth of an actor. Pan Yueming turned in a qualified answer sheet without doing "small fresh meat" for many years.

  Zhang Ying