Correspondence to new corona beds The number of beds decreased to 3 prefectures Slightly reduced April 28, 17:45

When NHK asked all prefectures about the medical system for the new coronavirus, the number of hospitalized patients exceeded 80% of the number of beds prepared, three places decreased from last week, It has become 3 prefectures. Already, in 27 prefectures, the situation where the hospital beds were tight due to the treatment of mildly ill patients at accommodation facilities, etc., has eased somewhat, but experts will continue to increase the number of beds and provide medical treatment at accommodation facilities. It is necessary to have a system that can fully confirm the health of the patient.

NHK interviewed prefectures through broadcasting stations nationwide about the number of hospital beds and hospital beds that correspond to the new coronavirus as of the 27th.

As a result, the total number of hospital beds secured for new coronavirus patients to be hospitalized is more than 12,500 beds nationwide, an increase of approximately 1,200 beds compared to last week.
There are currently at least 6300 inpatients, down by 350 compared to last week. In addition, 27 prefectures are now accepting medical treatment for people with mild illness at accommodation facilities, and the number has increased by 10 from last week.

As a result, the number of inpatients and those who need to be hospitalized exceeds 80% of the number of beds secured by prefecture. The prefectures are Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Ishikawa prefecture.

On the other hand, there are more than 2400 people in 24 prefectures who are receiving medical treatment or waiting at accommodation facilities or homes, including those who are unable to secure beds.
Of these,
▼ Osaka prefecture has approximately 600 people,
▼ Saitama prefecture has more than 400 people,
▼ Kanagawa prefecture has more than 350 people,
▼ Chiba prefecture has nearly 300 people
, and ▼ Tokyo and Fukuoka prefectures have nearly 200 people. Has become.

In response to the death of a patient who was waiting at home in Saitama Prefecture, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare changed the policy of treating medical treatment for people with mild illness to accommodation facilities, but in most prefectures hospitals and accommodation facilities It is said that the treatment is basically done.

In addition, 23 prefectures have already set up "priority medical institutions" to examine severely ill patients and moderately ill patients in order to promote the division of roles of medical institutions. We answered that 18 prefectures have not been set.

When I heard that I was more concerned, in addition to securing beds and accommodations, it became difficult to secure doctors and nurses who care for the mildly ill at the accommodations, and as the spread of infection continued, the new coronavirus Some say that there is concern over the impact on medical care for patients other than patients. In addition, many hospitals also pointed out the issue of nosocomial infection control in the face of lack of medical masks and gowns.

Nobuhiko Okabe, director of the Kawasaki City Health and Safety Research Institute, who is familiar with infectious diseases, said, `` The condition of the beds seems to have improved, but in rural areas where there are few medical resources, the number of infected people may suddenly increase, and medical institutions will continue to be hospital beds. It is necessary for the doctors and nurses to check the patient's health sufficiently, as the medical treatment at accommodation facilities is also increasing. In order to prevent the number of infected people from increasing, I want them to refrain from going out during the long holidays. "