Spain is practically paralyzed from today. The Government's order to cease all non-essential activities is the most drastic measure that could be taken to deal with the coronavirus crisis and which is reached by complete lack of control. We are facing a desperate flight forward from the Executive that may cost the Spaniards too much. In the health field, if the spread of Covid-19 is not greatly reduced - experts around the world doubt the effectiveness of such a drastic order in the face of a pandemic-, to the overflow of hospitals will be added the discouragement of a subject population at a maximum degree of tension. And, in the economic one, with the "hibernation of the economy" , in the expression of Minister Montero , we are sliding into a very deep crisis , superimposed on the sanitary one, from which it will be very difficult to get out.

Hopefully the government hits the mark with its last bullet. Every time the order is given, let's conjure ourselves that there is luck. But they cannot ask Sánchez and theirs blind confidence or to close ranks after them after the management disaster we are witnessing . When in such an exceptional circumstance one has almost full powers, it is obligatory that they be administered with absolute efficiency. Just the opposite of what is happening. Moncloa continually alludes to the recommendations of "the experts", without us knowing at this point who they are or what strategy they follow. The only thing that is perceived is that Sánchez is going to jump, he constantly changes his mind and decrees justified measures in very ornate explanations that after a few hours are no longer valid. Regarding the very worrying closure of the activity, until Saturday the president refused, arguing that it would be lethal for the economy, which would even prevent facing the health crisis, since, do not forget, the State needs huge resources to act . Nothing is free, neither is the acquisition of protection material or the massive hiring of personnel in the now urgent hospitals. And for this reason, the request for total closure by autonomous presidents such as that of Murcia was rejected. Now there is the flipping, but it is not explained why. Having isolated specific regions and not the whole country at the same time, controlling the outbreaks of the epidemic without suffocating the entire Spanish economy could have been effective. Everything the government does seems improvisational, as if we could afford it.

The state of alarm is not a blank check for Sánchez to take us to the precipice. Given something so delicate, he should have asked the opposition for support - nor does his partner Urkullu agree - and have followed proposals such as Feijóo's to study an orderly business closure. Not everything is settled with decrees like ordering a "paid permit" that will see how many businessmen can pay. The drama is joined by dramatic management.

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