Payment of “Mikameme Fee” to gangsters The shop side is also subject to penalties. Tokyo September 11, 18:23

In major entertainment districts in Tokyo, if a restaurant or the like pays a “mikajime fee” to a gang from next month, the store will be immediately subject to penalties. The Metropolitan Police Department is informing the public about the revision of the ordinance.

Before the Tokyo Metropolitan Gangster Exclusion Ordinance was revised next month, the Metropolitan Police Department carried out activities such as distributing leaflets to restaurants in Shinjuku and Kabukicho on the 11th.

As a result of this ordinance revision, if restaurants and other facilities pay gangsters “Mikajime Fee” and “Bouncer Fee” to the gangs from 1st of next month in the 29 entertainment districts of Tokyo such as Kabukicho, the stores will be immediately subject to penalties. .

Store penalties have been in place for a long time, but were limited to malicious cases that did not follow the recommendations. By strengthening regulations by making them more effective through penalties, it is difficult for stores to pay “Mikajime Fees” and to cut off the source of funds for gangsters.

Director Shinya Kimura, section 3 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Countermeasures, said that “contractors who had previously paid“ Mikajime fees ”will be subject to immediate control, so please consult with a concerned provider.”