Harvest of apples with red flesh Aomori August 20, 16:55

Not only the skin, but also the red apples up to the flesh, “Geneva” is being harvested in Ajigasawa Town, Aomori Prefecture.

“Geneva” is characterized by its red and fresh acidity, as well as its skin, and is suitable for processed products such as sweets and juices.

In Aomori Prefecture, it is mainly cultivated in Ajigasawa Town, and the agricultural corporations in the town have been picking work since last weekend.

On the 19th, two female staff members picked up the “Geneva” grown in red and collected them in a basket.

After this, the apples were taken to a selection hall, sorted by size with a special machine, and then carefully packed in a box.

According to an agricultural corporation, Kotono's “Geneva” is blessed with the weather, so it grows big and has good quality, without getting sick.

The female staff who harvested said, “I grew up into a good apple. I want you to try making it as a candy or a juice.”

The harvested “Geneva” is shipped to restaurants such as Kanto and Kansai.