Wisdom empowers the sense of modernity in the business district

Consumption and technology continue to collide, and creative sparks continue to converge. Tianhe Grandview Plaza in Tianhe Road business district, Guangzhou Friendship Store Grandview Store and Xindaxin Guofeng Store in Beijing Road business district were successfully selected as the first batch of national demonstration smart stores. While empowering Guangzhou's key business districts to create smart consumption scenarios, digital upgrading is promoting the transformation and innovation of traditional business formats and driving the market to heat up.

Smart light poles, virtual fitting mirrors, smart shelves... In Guangzhou's Tianhe Road business district, smart consumption scenes full of science and technology can be seen everywhere; Walking into Beijing Road in Guangzhou, you will be greeted by the outdoor ultra-high-definition curved screen naked-eye 3D on the new Daxin Department Store, and the cool visual perception makes the customer experience directly full.

With the two key business districts of Guangzhou Tianhe Road and Beijing Road business district selected as the first batch of national demonstration smart business districts, digital upgrading not only empowers key business districts in Guangzhou to create smart consumption scenarios, but also promotes the transformation and innovation of traditional business formats and continues to add fuel to local consumption.

Wisdom empowers trillion-dollar business districts

Tianhe Road, which is less than 3 kilometers short, is densely distributed along Taikoo Hui, Tianhuan Plaza, OneLink Hui, Grandview Mall, Teemall and VT101 Victoria Plaza and other characteristic commercial complexes. The leading business format, convenient transportation environment and perfect service functions have given Tianhe Road business district the confidence of "the first business district in South China", and has also become the first choice for Guangzhou citizens and foreign tourists. In 2017, the total merchandise sales of Tianhe Road business district exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and the peak daily passenger flow reached 400 million, ranking among the first trillion-yuan commercial district in China.

"As the core business district of the core city, the elements of the Tianhe Road business district have long gone beyond shopping, dining and entertainment, but also include more diversified elements such as culture, tourism and art." Shi Shan, secretary general of Guangzhou Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce, introduced.

As one of the old commercial districts in Guangzhou, in the face of homogeneous competition in business districts, Tianhe Road business district continues to iteratively upgrade. Since 2012, Tianhe District has fully launched the upgrading of the Tianhe Road business district. After 10 years of upgrading and development, the proportion of business formats in business districts has been adjusted from 70% retail formats, 30% catering and basic blank formats such as culture and art before the transformation to the leading proportion of domestic business formats accounting for 57% of retail formats, catering accounting for 24%, business supporting facilities accounting for 9%, leisure tourism accounting for 8%, and culture and art accounting for 2%. Nowadays, in the shopping center of the business district, tourists can not only visit famous stores to see new product launches, watch art exhibitions, watch musicals, but also meet their families to walk around the botanical garden and aquarium.

In addition to the improvement of infrastructure and overall environmental facilities, the "first-store economy" and "business tourism, cultural and sports integration" models have become the two major levers for the innovative development, transformation and upgrading of the Tianhe Road business district. According to statistics, Tianhe Road business district has gathered 1872 well-known brands at home and abroad and 256 first stores, and the inclusive and open market atmosphere and huge consumption potential make Tianhe Road business district a veritable "first store harvesting place".

Within the scope of the business district, the reporter also saw many new smart consumption scenarios, such as smart fitness mirrors, smart LED touch interactive screens, self-service parking inquiry systems, parking space monitoring large screens... The Tianhe Road business district provides consumers with dozens of smart public facilities and innovative consumption patterns. Luo Ye, a citizen who lives in Tianhe District, told reporters: "I have been working in Guangzhou for several years, and every time I come to eat and shop on this side of Tianhe Road, I will find some new things and new technologies, which are very interesting." ”

In terms of smart upgrading, how can the construction of smart business district in Tianhe Road business district really benefit enterprises? "By building a big data platform, we can empower the construction of smart business districts with data, expand the invisible data dimension, and increase the analysis model of the impact of micro data on passenger flow and turnover, so that the granularity of passenger flow statistics is more refined and help enterprises better understand consumers." Shi Shan said that the Tianhe Road business district has also opened up the membership system of the main commercial complexes in the business district, allowing consumers to accumulate membership points in the business district mini program at any time and innovate diversified consumption experiences.

As the service entrance, the Tianhe Road Business District Mini Program can realize real-time docking with the main parking lot systems in the business district, consumers can open the mini program to check the parking space in advance, bind the business district to stop and pay and other functions at one time, so that citizens can fully enjoy the convenience of the business district while retaining as a business district Mini Program user.

In addition, by integrating the daily business district preferential promotion information, the Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce sets up an information release mechanism that fully meets the needs of consumers, and allows consumers to obtain the dynamic information of the Tianhe Road business district anytime, anywhere in the form of event calendar, itinerary suggestions, preferential collections, and brand rankings on the Mini Program.

Thousand-year-old street hitched a ride on the trendy express

Integrating tradition and modernity, business and humanities, the ancient style of Beijing Road is still in the ancient street of the millennium, and the new rhyme is rising again... Strolling along the 3.5-kilometer-long Beijing Road pedestrian street, a new virtual world is opening its doors. Citizens and tourists can enter the Beijing Road Tourism Smart Guide System by scanning the code, get an overview of the VR panoramic map of Beijing Road, and realize bilingual explanations, shopping, and facility supporting guidelines.

In December 2018, Guangzhou Beijing Road was selected as the first batch of 12 pilot pedestrian streets for renovation and upgrading in China. After the upgrade, Beijing Road has become the country's first 11G pedestrian street, and high-tech elements can be seen everywhere. "Snap! Stories! So cool! At the intersection of Beijing Road, Beijing tourist Li Yanyan is capturing a giant glasses-free 5D effect animation on the façade of the new department store. After the renovation of Beijing Road, smart light poles, smart interactive screens and other facilities have also been introduced, and all kinds of smart services are intimate.

Different from the construction of smart business districts in other cities, what are the highlights of Beijing Road? "Beijing Road is the central axis of the city that has never been deviated or broken since the founding of Guangzhou in 2236, with rich historical and cultural resources and a strong commercial atmosphere. In the process of building Beijing Road Smart Business District, we pay attention to refining the style characteristics of Beijing Road. Lian Jianjuan, deputy director of the Management Committee of Guangzhou Beijing Road Cultural Core Area, said that Beijing Road took the construction of smart business districts as an opportunity to guide and promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of long-established stores such as Xinhua Bookstore, Chen Liji Pharmaceutical Factory, and Xindaxin Department Store in the block, and introduce smart new technologies, new formats and new experiences such as 5G live broadcast and VR experience. For example, Xindaxin Department Store, founded in 1914, integrates ancient and modern national chao culture and wisdom through the development of intelligent guides with national chao characteristics, the introduction of naked-eye 3D, real-time network interaction and other high-tech. The new Daxin Guofeng store that has transformed into a "national demonstration smart store" makes the old store renewed.

At present, Beijing Road Business District has deployed 5 types of intelligent public facilities such as smart public toilets, street lamps, and 12G unmanned sweepers, and realized intelligent management of parking spaces by coordinating the parking lots of various complexes in the business district, providing consumers with parking space inquiry, guiding and diversion, and connecting and stopping and redeeming functions, increasing the overall parking space utilization rate of the business district to more than 90%. At the same time, Beijing Road Business District introduced and popularized applications such as smart shopping guide and virtual fitting mirror, creating a new immersive, experiential and interactive consumption scenario, allowing consumers to enjoy convenient services that are "visible, found and used well", according to survey statistics, consumer satisfaction exceeded 94%.

With the support of infrastructure, Beijing Road Business District has also continued to promote the integration of business, culture and tourism with the help of the loading capacity of virtual space. Lian Jianjuan introduced that Beijing Road pioneered the meta-universe with the themes of Guangfu Temple Fair and Intangible Cultural Heritage Block, using Canton cultural symbols as elements to build an online virtual public space, where you can experience online and offline appreciation of intangible cultural heritage, play games, visit exhibitions, watch exhibitions, place orders and shopping, etc., to create a new business model integrating culture, scene and consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the integrity business district system built by Beijing Road has achieved full coverage of 1800,48 merchants in the surrounding complexes and frontages. Consumers can scan the code to "check letters, evaluate, and complain", and the complaint handling time has been greatly reduced from an average of 3 hours to 63.<> hours.

Today, the proportion of new business formats and new consumption on Beijing Road has increased from 38% before the renovation to 72%, and the proportion of young tourists has also increased from 1% to more than 2%, and the old Beijing Road business district has successfully attracted more young people to come to consume. According to statistics, from January to February this year, the cumulative passenger flow of Guangzhou Beijing Road was 1731.45 million, an increase of 9.29% over last year, and the turnover reached 3.14 billion yuan, an increase of 9.<>% over last year.

(Economic Daily, Zhang Jianjun)