On March 3, FrieslandCampina was awarded the "Best Workplace ™ for Women in Greater China 31" by the Great Place to ® Work. Presented by Global Workplace Culture and HR consulting firm Workplace ® Excellence, the award analyzes employee perceptions of leadership, organizational culture and company trust through an analysis of anonymous survey responses from employees in Greater China.

This is the first time FrieslandCampina has received this award. According to the survey, a whopping 96% of female employees believe that FrieslandCampina can enjoy a fair and equitable work experience. This is an affirmation of FrieslandCampina's continued efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workplace experience, especially for female employees.

Ge Chen, President of FrieslandCampina China, said: "FrieslandCampina China is an important talent resource. We not only cherish the contribution of female employees to the development of the enterprise, but also attach great importance to the career development of each female employee. By actively creating a female-friendly working environment, FrieslandCampina will help the rise of FrieslandCampina and achieve a win-win situation for employees and enterprises, and bring more positive energy to the society. ”

Chen Ge, President of FrieslandCampina China

Women's Leadership: Don't Set Limits on Yourself

FrieslandCampina China encourages all female employees not to set limits for themselves, and by providing an equal and fair workplace environment for female employees, we can help more people build their dreams and move forward without being defined by prejudice. FrieslandCampina China has 60% of the management as women.

Chen Ge, President of FrieslandCampina China, has personally encouraged more female employees to pursue their dreams. "For women's leadership, first we have to talk about leadership, and then women," she says. Everyone's role is multiple. Personally, I am not only a professional manager, but also a daughter, wife, mother, friend, and more importantly, myself. Each of these roles must be allocated quality time together. Don't set limits for yourself, and work hard to achieve your dreams. ”

FrieslandCampina values equality of talent and potential, and women have the same opportunities and room for advancement. According to the 2022 FrieslandCampina internal talent inventory report, the ratio of male and female high-potential talents is 1:1.9.

Diverse and inclusive culture for a win-win workplace

Attaching importance to the power of female employees, FrieslandCampina has created a diverse talent system with an inclusive corporate culture through the inheritance of a century of perseverance and the spirit of "win-win". Xu Yaodong, Vice President of FrieslandCampina Chinese Resources, said: "Every employee is a diamond. We fully respect and recognize the nature of our employees and the value they bring to the company. We will continue to nourish more outstanding talents by providing good 'soil' to achieve a win-win situation for employees and the company." ”

FrieslandCampina was named Best Place to Work for Women 2023

In terms of talent sources, FrieslandCampina is not limited to the dairy industry. At FrieslandCampina, 65% of employees at manager level and above come from other industries. Elites from different industries have different perspectives on problems, and their views and experiences collide with each other to generate new sparks, which can better and faster help business improvement.

In terms of talent management, every year, FrieslandCampina conducts a talent inventory and combines the CAL model to select future leaders with real ideals, ambitions and high potential. At the same time, a series of training courses are customized for the needs of talents at different stages, different levels and different fields, and through continuous dialogue, the knowledge and quality of employees are continuously improved, and more diversified, so as to maximize the potential of everyone and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for employees and the company. FrieslandCampina will also stimulate talent innovation through training and rotation systems, and promote the achievement of innovation goals.

FrieslandCampina attaches great importance to the influence of the company's brand on the new generation and employee groups, values the changes brought about by the power of the new generation, and encourages young employees to use innovative thinking to express themselves in their work. For new employees, FrieslandCampina will give different on-the-job training according to rank; The mentorship system helps new employees adapt to the environment and enter the role faster; The offline activities of the sand table and the "Fei Changyue Talk" allow new employees with different professional backgrounds and new generation management trainees to quickly integrate into the team.

Empower women and realize self-worth

FrieslandCampina is committed to providing an equal and fair workplace environment for female employees, and has set up a mother and baby room for pregnant and breastfeeding female employees in the Shanghai office, so that working mothers can feel at ease. In addition, some benefits for working mothers are specially set up, such as "school leave" at the beginning of the new semester, so that parents can not miss important moments with their children; The company issued 500 yuan congratulatory money for the birth of a newborn; Free commercial medical insurance for the baby for mothers with second children, as well as an additional five days of childcare leave per year; Provide quota for second-child mothers to buy milk powder and so on.

As a company that moves forward with love, FrieslandCampina also actively undertakes corporate social responsibility and continues to care for and nourish the growth and development of contemporary women. In 2016, FrieslandCampina and the China Rural Development Foundation (formerly the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) jointly launched the "Caring Moon" project. Up to now, the project has trained 2528,<> women in poverty-stricken areas to become professional confinement and child-rearing sisters, significantly improving the lives and social status of poor women, and reducing the child-rearing pressure of urban working mothers.

FrieslandCampina also focused on the pain points of mothers and babies, and launched the FrieslandCampina Friso Institute for Psychosomatic Health in 2022. By promoting medical academic research on the mental and physical health of mothers and infants, and building platforms and popular science actions, the research results can benefit more Chinese mothers and infants. FrieslandCampina's Mesojia is also the first to provide online video connection services for parenting experts through omni-channel. Consumers can directly communicate with medical experts and nutritionists online and enjoy the full range of care that FrieslandCampina brings.

It is reported that by releasing the "Best ™ Workplaces for Women in Greater China" list, Top ® institutions of different sizes and industries that successfully create a good workplace for female employees can be recognized. These organizations provide and build a strong workplace culture for women and other colleagues to maintain and strengthen their competitive advantage locally.