China News Service, Guangzhou, May 23 (Cai Minjie Xunxiao Bridge) On the 23rd, the first prefabricated box girder erection of the third phase of the China Railway Bridge Bureau (Dong) Guanpan (Yu) Expressway project was completed, marking the project's full entry into the bridge superstructure. Area construction stage.

  The Dongguan-Panyu Expressway project is connected to the Nansha Bridge project in the west. It is a very important trunk line running through the east and west of central Dongguan. After the project is completed, it will build an important horizontal passage between the east and west banks of the Pearl River Delta together with the Nansha Bridge and the Hehui-Duan Expressway.

  The first piece of prefabricated box girder erected this time weighs about 106 tons, which is another key breakthrough in the construction of the superstructure of the bridge following the erection of steel box girder in the third phase of the Guanpan Expressway project.

Photo courtesy of China Railway Bridge Bureau

  The third phase of the Guanpan Expressway project is 3.933 kilometers long, and there are 2462 pieces of prefabricated small box girders.

In order to ensure the smooth erection of the first box girder, the project department has made sufficient preliminary preparations and strictly implemented the approval plan for construction.

Faced with problems such as limited construction sites and high safety hazards for beam transport on urban roads, the project department and the operation team repeatedly studied the beam transport route and simulated it on the spot; during the erection process, the on-site management personnel and operators clearly cooperated and divided the work to ensure the project. The first box girder was erected safely and stably.

  Li Zhixiong, the first deputy manager of the project department of the third phase of Guanpan Expressway of China Railway Bridge Bureau, said: "The successful completion of the first box girder erection project marks a key breakthrough in the construction of the project, and also boosts the rapid and precise construction of subsequent construction projects. confidence." (End)