China News Service, Haikou, July 3 (Reporter Huang Yi) "Building a free trade port is a rare historical opportunity, and Hainan's development is definitely getting better and better!" Li, who handled the business of relocating from Nanjing, Jiangsu to Haikou, settled in Haikou at the Longhua Certification Center in Haikou The lady told reporters recently that she, who is engaged in the financial industry, is optimistic about the development potential of Hainan in this field and decided to settle here and enjoy "various preferential policies."

  The reporter saw an endless stream of foreign talents coming to Haikou Longhua Certification Center for settlement procedures.

"Our police are working overtime almost every day. There have been two or three weeks of weekends without rest." said Chen Xiaobing, director of the Population and Exit-Entry Administration Service Center of Longhua Branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau. With the implementation of relevant policies to liberalize settlement restrictions, settlement in Hainan has developed into the choice of many people. Haikou, the provincial capital, has become the main receiving place for talent introduction from other provinces due to its obvious advantages in economy, culture, and education, and continues to trigger a boom in talent settlement.

  According to statistics from the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau, from June 15, 2020 to June 14, 2021, 64,673 Haikou police handling personnel settled down, a year-on-year increase of 329%.

  In response to the "blowout" growth of talent settlements, Haikou Police has provided more convenient household registration services by increasing appointment numbers, adding new handling points, optimizing online procedures, and implementing the "commitment system" and "vacancy office" measures.

Ms. Wang from Jiangxi told reporters that the "no-face approval" allows people to apply for settlement in Haikou from a different place, and the entire postal application process saves a lot of time and energy.

  According to the Talent Development Bureau of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, since the release of the overall plan for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port on June 1 last year, Hainan Province has introduced about 168,000 talents of various types. The total talent resources of the province are more than 1.9 million, accounting for the entire province. The population proportion is 19.97%.

  "The climate is good and there are many opportunities. I don't want to leave when Hainan is here." This year, Shen Weihan, a guy from Jilin who just graduated from Hainan Normal University, decided to stay in Hainan for employment. Hainan is currently vigorously building a highland of technological innovation, optoelectronic information science and engineering. After graduating with a major, he hopes to find a place to display his talents in Joan.

  Hainan puts talents in an important position in the construction of the free trade port, implements the "Thousand Talents Special" talent introduction project, the "Nanhai Series" talent training plan, and establishes a special talent training fund.

While introducing talents from outside the island and cultivating local talents, expand the opening up of talents to the outside world and carry out global recruitment.

Hainan also opened up 38 vocational qualification examinations for overseas personnel, and 219 one-way recognition of overseas vocational qualifications, ranking first in the country in terms of number and degree of openness.

  In recent years, Hainan has focused on creating a livable and workable talent environment, setting up a “single window” for talent services, implementing a high-level talent service liaison mechanism, and solving “worries about the future” for talents. According to the Office of the Free Trade Port Working Committee of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, from June 1, 2020 to the end of May 2021, Hainan Province has identified 12,956 high-level talents, a year-on-year increase of 159.38%. (Finish)