China's Internet video users surpassed 900 million

More quality products can keep traffic

  In 2020, the number of Internet video users in China will exceed 900 million for the first time, and the online video industry will usher in an era of dividends.

What kind of video products can retain users and keep traffic?

The "Research Report on China's Online Video Products" recently released at the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival gave the answer. Online video products must be tangible, eye-catching, and long-lasting. Not only this generation likes to watch it, people from different countries also like to watch it, and the next generation still likes to watch it."

Online video industry welcomes dividends

  The China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association released the "2021 China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report" earlier this month.

Data show that as of December 2020, the number of online audio-visual users in China reached 940 million, an increase of 43.21 million from June 2020.

940 million, the huge number of netizens has revealed a new development trend in the field of online audio-visual.

  Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent and president of Tencent Online Video, said at the Tencent Online Video Creator Ecological Conference a few days ago that the online video industry will be one of the biggest dividends for the Internet in the next 10 years.

As the development of short video enters a new stage, how to realize the coordinated development of long, medium and short videos has become a key issue that needs to be solved urgently at this stage of the industry.

At the same time, users' demand for one-stop online entertainment has become more vigorous, and consumption upgrades in the content field have brought huge opportunities to the industry.

  The creator is the lifeline of the platform, and the creator and the platform are in a symbiotic relationship.

Tencent Online Video will convene outstanding creators with creative ideals and outstanding abilities to build a content creation model with diverse themes, high-quality content, and long-term value.

The video platform increases support for creators, realizes copyright co-creation, technology sharing, business win-win, and cultural resonance with creators, and promotes creators to produce more quality products.

Users are willing to pay for good content

  Among the 940 million audiovisual users, there are 873 million short video users, with an average daily consumption time of more than 2 hours. Users have a stronger demand for high-quality content in the short and medium video market.

  Lin Songtao believes that consumption upgrades will bring greater opportunities to the industry, and the improvement of users' artistic aesthetics has raised the threshold of good content. When users are only willing to pay for good works, the interest label is also more obvious.

In order to stimulate more high-quality content, Tencent Online Video uses "technology + art" as its platform vision, uses technology to inspire artistic charm, and uses art to promote technological innovation, providing users with diversified and high-quality video entertainment content.

  The mobile Internet is a user-dominated market, and the root of the huge changes in the industry lies in users.

On the one hand, the content types are rich and varied, and the users’ freedom and choice become stronger; on the other hand, in the selection process, new demands are born, giving birth to new supply changes.

Nowadays, every user can easily and conveniently obtain entertainment information or knowledge information in online articles, pictures, and videos. If they continue to use and share this information, users will have a stronger content demand, and their voices for "exquisite products" are getting higher and higher. The stickiness is getting stronger and stronger.

In this regard, Wang Yigao, a researcher at the Center for Journalism and Social Development of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with this newspaper that content is king not only the iron law of the paper media era, but also the trend of the video era.

Only by continuously providing high-quality content on the platform can it gain long-term attention from users.

The prospects of the network audio-visual industry are promising

  In the past five years, the number of online audiovisual users in China has steadily increased.

The growth of Internet users has expanded from youth to minors and silver-haired Internet users over the age of 50. There are already 260 million "silver-haired Internet users" in China and 160 million Internet users under the age of 20. These are new growth points for the development of the online audiovisual industry.

  In the future, in the 5G era, the prospects of the network audio-visual industry will be even brighter.

If you want to become a true leader in the industry in the future, you must have a sense of quality.

  "Video products must strengthen the awareness of quality products, not only to convince people with reason, but also to'introduce people with fun' and'moving people with emotions." Shi Anbin, deputy dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with this newspaper. After years of rapid development and determined exploration, China's online audio-visual industry has already embarked on a path that fits the country’s specific reality. Its innovative formats, high-quality content and scene products have greatly broadened the dissemination space of the main theme and positive energy content, and have become the spirit of the people. The main channel of cultural demand, the main position for building socialist core values, and the main force to promote the development of the audio-visual industry, show unique charm and show vitality. It has become the country’s cultural soft power and the pillar force of the cultural creative industry, and has become a more An important promoter of a fair and just global spreading new order.

  Wang Fazhi