Let's take a look at the price of Bitcoin in the afternoon of today (12th).

Each bitcoin was traded at about 78 million won on domestic exchanges, but the same bitcoin was cheaper than 10 million won in the United States.

Of course, cryptocurrency is different from stocks, so there is a difference in price for each exchange.However, the term'Kimchi Premium' is used internationally as it shows a higher price on Korean exchanges than other countries.

But these days, the financial sector is tense as suspicious foreign exchange transactions that seem to be targeting this situation have been spotted one after another.

This is reporter Kim Jung-woo.


Recently, four large commercial banks sent an official letter to each branch, saying, "If a customer who wants to send an amount of less than $50,000 to China comes, please check the purpose of the remittance carefully."

This is because the so-called'virtual currency exchange' was suspected of moving the virtual currency bought in China to a domestic cryptocurrency exchange, which traded at a high value of 10 million won, and then converting the profit into cash and remittance to China.

[Bank officials: When sending money overseas, you need to provide proof.

For example, there are tuition fees for studying abroad and import and export fees.

(Individual) In the case of a transfer transaction, you do not have to provide proof.

It is said that the number of sending cases is increasing.] While the

domestic stock market is sideways, the demand for investment is rushing, and domestic investors are also difficult to use foreign exchanges. I started on.

[Park Seong-jun/Director of Dongguk University's Blockchain Research Center: Within the range of 50,000 dollars, Chinese people can exchange money in Korea into Chinese renminbi or dollars.

In the cryptocurrency transaction, you can make money for market gains.]

Even during the first boom in 2018, a Chinese party who exchanged tens of billions of won through cryptocurrency transactions was caught by the police.

Although it is strictly illegal foreign currency outflow, it is difficult to completely block it because it is only sent within 50,000 dollars that can be remitted without revealing the reason.

It requires the intervention of the financial authorities rather than leaving only the bank's self-monitoring.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, video editing: Park player)