IIJ, a major low-priced smartphone company, has announced a new plan with a monthly charge of 980 yen and a data usage of 4 gigabytes in response to the price cuts announced by mobile phone companies.

According to this, the new charges to be introduced from April are 780 yen per month for plans with 2 giga data usage, 980 yen for 4 giga, and 20 giga for 20 giga, excluding domestic call charges of 20 yen per 30 seconds. It costs 1880 yen.

Cheap smartphone companies are characterized by renting lines from major mobile phone companies and developing businesses at low prices, but they decided to reduce the price in response to the announcement of plans by major companies for less than 3,000 yen per month at 20 giga.

Among the cheap smartphone companies,

▽ Japan Communication is 1980 yen for 20 giga including domestic calls within 70 minutes,

▽ YU-mobile is 1490 yen for 5 giga,

▽ Optage to develop Maineo is 1380 yen for 5 giga Price competition is intensifying with the launch of new rate plans.

Mr. Shigeo Yabuki, Executive Officer of IIJ, said, "There are many voices saying that data usage is not required up to 20 giga, so we would like to firmly provide a small-capacity plan with many users."