Chinanews client, Beijing, November 11th (Reporter Xie Yiguan and Zhang Xu) "Double 11", have you escaped the promotion of e-commerce SMS, APP push, and blocked the discount sharing in the circle of friends?

But you didn't expect that "Singles' Day" has now become "Nun Clubs" online and offline together.

The picture shows the promotion activities in Beijing Wanfang Xidan Supermarket.

Photo by Chinanews reporter Zhang Xu

Offline supermarkets

"Double 11


are also crazy

  On the 11th, a reporter from found that the "Double 11" promotion of Beijing offline supermarkets was also in full swing.

  At the Wanfang Xidan Supermarket in Xicheng District, Beijing, a customer Ms. Li told reporters that she usually chooses offline when buying fresh food.

"On the online special fee brain, I often encounter price increases and discounts. We are all old supermarket customers, and we know what prices are. It is very simple here, that is, if you spend 200 yuan minus 30 yuan, the supermarket There are also promotional groups, which are discounted and fresher and cheaper than those shipped by e-commerce."

  The reporter saw that the original price of 73 yuan a catty of beef, the current price of 59 yuan, coupled with the 200 yuan minus 30 yuan of the whole event, it is equivalent to less than 30% off.

"This is the last day of the'Double 11' promotion, and there is usually no such price." The staff was busy at the cash register and reminded reporters to buy.

  In the Carrefour supermarket in Haidian District, Beijing, supermarket staff told that from November 11 to November 13, purchase paper products (toilet paper/pumped paper) over 100 yuan will return a 50 yuan shopping card.

  In addition, Carrefour also participated in the "Double 11" city life carnival activities, "explosive products are 50% off, and the delivery fee starts at 1 yuan." The reporter saw in the Carrefour supermarket that the bedding area of ​​the supermarket has been affixed with a 50% discount. Labels, a quilt of more than 1,000 yuan is currently priced at only more than 500 yuan.

The picture shows the "Double 11" promotion information of a Carrefour supermarket in Beijing.

Photo by Xie Yiguan, reporter of China News Service

  "Many supermarkets are now engaged in'Double 11' promotion. In a supermarket near the unit, from November 11 to November 17, consumers spend 58 yuan, 1 yuan for 4 fresh eggs and 0 yuan for Chinese cabbage. Li Yu, who lives in Beijing’s Haidian District, told reporters, “I buy shoes in the mall and get a 50% discount for two pairs. I can also use the Beijing consumer coupons on”

  In the Ganjiakou Department Store in Haidian District, Beijing, a large screen at the entrance displayed "Double 11 Hi Shopping Festival", and most of the department store brand products will be sold at a discount of 30% during the season.

  The reporter walked into the beauty area and found signs of 300 minus 50 hung everywhere.

"More than 300 minus 50, the more you buy, the more you can reduce. Just like online, you will also get some gifts." The teller at the Olay counter said, "Like the Olay Prox small white bottle 60ml, the original price is more than 500 yuan. The discounts add up to only more than 400 yuan."

  On Saturday, the Fumen store set up a promotional card of "The double 11 is also crazy offline, and the store can enjoy 15% off the price of jewelry."

In the clothing area, there are promotional cards with a 70% discount for new products, and some products with a 40% discount and a 50% discount.

Some clothing brands even started clearance sales, and some products were directly discounted by 20%.

The picture shows the promotional information posted in the Garment District of Ganjiakou Department Store in Beijing.

Photo by Xie Yiguan, reporter of China News Service

Stars pull the flow, scenic parks are also taking advantage of "Double 11



  Not only Beijing, but also offline "Double 11" promotional activities are also in full swing.

  Since the implementation of the new tax exemption policy, Hainan has become a shopping paradise overnight.

When the duty-free price meets the "Double 11" promotion, it is simply "cool and cool".

In Sanya International Duty Free Shop, from November 10th to November 12th, some perfumes and cosmetics will be 40%-6.5% off, and big-brand bags will be 50%-6% off. At the same time, 111 yuan no-threshold vouchers will be distributed.

  In Ningbo, Zhejiang, during the "Double 11 Manufacturing New Festival" of Shanjing Outlets, more than 100 brands and 1 million pieces of goods participated in the event, and the top was 50% off; China Resources Vanguard launched the "Double 11" front at the end of October, the first wave 50% off for all major department stores; up to 50% off for the second wave of selected food and household cleaning.

  "This is largely because the epidemic at the beginning of the year caused merchants to miss the peak of consumption. Many merchants want to use the'Double 11' to make up for the losses in the first half of the year." When talking about the enthusiasm of Ningbo's physical businesses to participate in the "Double 11" so high , Said Zhang Yuping, Director of Circulation Development Division of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

Data map: Citizens enter a shop participating in the "Double Eleven" carnival.

Photo by Wang Gang

  During the "Double 11" period, offline physical stores are also trying to attract customers.

  For example, on October 30, Yi Yang Qianxi’s new song debuted offline in Hangzhou West Lake Yintai and Wuhan Yintai Creative City, attracting fans from all over the country to cheer.

On the first day of "Double 11", 30,000 food and drink coupons on Yintai Miao Street were sold out, and only 180,000 cups of milk tea were sold.

A consumer from Shanghai bought three pieces of Mr&MrsFursItaly at Yintai Miaojie for 46,000 yuan.

  Not only supermarkets, but also offline scenic spots and theme parks have also fully launched the "Double 11" traffic model.

  According to the media, as of November 9, scenic spots in more than ten provinces including Hubei, Shandong, Hebei, Gansu, Sichuan, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Jiangsu have announced the launch of "Double 11" preferential measures. Some local scenic spots Not only did it offer discounts such as free admission to the park for tourists on November 11, but it also "officially announced" more vigorous pre-sale promotions, spikes and other products in advance, and the ticket prices of many scenic spots dropped by more than 50%.

Online and offline promotion together, let you buy, buy, buy

  The general impression is that online merchants have less rent, water and electricity and other expenses than offline, and goods will have more advantages in price.

However, the reporter found during the interview that online and offline are not an all-or-nothing situation, but you have me in me, showing a fusion situation.

  For example, the Dashang Supermarket in Xicheng District is carrying out the promotion of "Gift Vouchers Online and Offline".

The staff told reporters that the coupons are purchased online, for 100 yuan for 110 yuan, for 200 yuan for 220 yuan, the discount rate is about 10%, in addition to gifts such as red wine.

  Wedomex, next door to the Dashang Supermarket, also launched special promotions on Double 11, based on physical stores, but for online special events.

“Meituan’s takeaway cakes, you can get 15 yuan off if you spend 65 yuan, and 20 yuan off if you spend 85 yuan, we’re both online and offline."

The picture shows the promotional activities in the Beijing Blindfold Duomei store.

Photo by Chinanews reporter Zhang Xu

  For Beijing consumers, there are also 10% off smart product coupons that can be used online and offline at the same time.

Beijing has been issuing consumer vouchers through the JD platform since June. In November, a total of 1.5 million consumer vouchers for smart products in Beijing will be issued, and a 10% discount will be offered for purchases over 2,000 yuan.

  In addition, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places and have jointly issued 2 billion consumer vouchers. The consumer vouchers can be integrated and superimposed with the "Double Ten Billion Plan" of the "2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season". Mobile communications, smart home appliances, computer digital, etc. Enjoy a 10% discount for over 200 yuan.

  "Except for the newly launched iPhone 12 and Huawei Mate40 Pro, there is no discount, mobile phones over 2,000 yuan can use Beijing smart product coupons, and the subsidy can reach up to 400 yuan." staff said, "such as this Huawei The official price of the P40 mobile phone, 8GB+256GB version is 4988 yuan, after using up the coupons and special discounts in the store, the price is 4372 yuan."

  It is worth noting that this price is even lower than the e-commerce self-operated price.

In Jingdong Mall, the "Double 11" promotional price (including Beijing coupons) for the same mobile phone is 4777 yuan, and's online mall price is also higher than the physical store's offer.

  At the Dixintong mobile phone store in Xicheng District, Beijing, the owner, Mr. Sun, said that in addition to the 10% discount coupons, the store also supports trade-in.

"If customers bring their old mobile phones, we will use instruments for on-site testing. After calculating the depreciation, we will directly deduct the cash to buy the new phone. The discount rate is still very large after including the gifts and services in the store."

The picture shows a store of Dixintong in Xicheng District, Beijing.

Photo by Chinanews reporter Zhang Xu

  Ms. Lin, a customer who is conducting mobile phone testing in the store, said, "I have been online before. After sending a good phone, I said that I couldn't turn on the phone. The frame bumped and pushed the price by several hundred. I was very annoyed this time. I just want to change one. I can experience the real device and watch them test the mobile phone on the spot, saving each other's trouble. If the offline discount is strong enough, I will come again."

  This year's "Double 11", where did you choose to "choose your hands"?

  When you finish buying things online and pay the balance, change from "eat local people" to "eat guys", but you find that offline merchants have promotional advertisements everywhere, and discounts are not lower than online, do you start again? "Chong ah" buy, buy, buy, after a wave of operations, the "eating man" has changed in seconds?