Online marketing help, "popular styles" continue to produce

  Why are Internet celebrity small appliances so popular (online China)

  Mini rice cookers, "one-person food" health pots, small washing machines, yogurt machines, air fryer... In recent years, some high-value, powerful, and socially powerful small household appliances have gradually become popular through online marketing.

Whether it is traditional home appliance companies such as Midea, Joyoung, and Supor, as well as new small home appliance brands such as Xiaoxiong Electric, Mofei, Natural Elements, and Beiding, all have their eyes on the Internet and take the network "express" as a common choice for the home appliance industry.

 Hot small appliance market

  Chen Wei, a "post-90s" girl who works in a company in Beijing, has now developed the habit of making her own breakfast. She uses a newly bought breakfast machine to bake a sandwich in 3 minutes, omelette in 1 minute, and squeeze it with a juicer. A glass of juice is a nutritious breakfast.

Chen Wei said: "This breakfast is not only fast, but also healthy and safe, and it also satisfies my desire to live a refined life."

  Breakfast machines, juicers, health-preserving pots...Compared with traditional refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other large appliances that people need in their lives, these small appliances with refined functions have been favored by more and more consumer groups in recent years.

They are mainly aimed at some subdivided life scenarios to meet the needs of specific groups of people.

In particular, as the epidemic has brought the "home economy" into flames, these small home appliances have ushered in a high "appearance rate" on social networking, live broadcast and short video platforms, setting off a wave of "net celebrity small appliances".

  How popular are Internet celebrity small appliances?

A set of data can prove: the "Annual Report of China's Home Appliance Industry in 2019" compiled by the National Household Appliance Industry Information Center shows that the cumulative export of China's major home appliances in 2019 was 25.721 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 1.01%; while the cumulative exports of small home appliances The amount was 32.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.24% year-on-year.

Affected by the epidemic, in the first quarter of this year, the decline in sales of major appliances and installed home appliances expanded, while the decline in sales of small home appliances was small, and even some representative companies' revenues increased significantly year-on-year.

For example, Xiaoxiong Electric's revenue in the first quarter increased by 17.32% year-on-year, and Xinbao's revenue in the first quarter increased by 4.05% year-on-year.

According to data released by Alibaba, the overall sales of small kitchen appliances in the first quarter of this year was 13.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.8%.

  The hot market has given birth to more small home appliances.

In recent years, new products of small household appliances such as kitchen and bathroom, personal care, and daily life have come out continuously.

For example, Joyoung, an old-brand kitchenware brand, has launched a series of new small household appliances such as juicers, air fryer, and cooking machines in recent years.

Pan Zhifeng, Director of Product Operations of Joyoung E-commerce Center, said: “We have found that small-capacity, high-value, easy-to-operate, and easy-to-store small kitchen appliances have been very popular in recent years, and the usage scenarios have been continuously enriched, from the kitchen to the living room, from the office to the In hotels, from home to travel, we continue to adapt to changes in consumer preferences."

  Meet new changes in demand

  Why are Internet celebrity small appliances so popular?

Industry experts believe that the popularity of Internet celebrity small appliances better meets the new needs and changes in contemporary people's lives.

  Fast and professional-the product is aimed at specific usage scenarios and audiences.

For example, a multi-function cooking pot, which integrates functions such as frying, boiling, roasting, frying, and steaming, has a capacity of 1-2 people, which is very suitable for consumers without open flames and small kitchen space; such as ironing machines, many businesses have introduced portable This model, wireless model, can also remove mites, sterilize and disinfect, suitable for travel scenarios; such as "one-person" electric lunch box, which can be heated by plugging in, compact and portable, suitable for office workers; such as mini washing machine, which takes up small space and has full functions. Suitable for young people who rent a house and live alone.

  Product categories are more refined.

Taking kitchen appliances as an example, it extends from traditional rice cookers and electric kettles to sandwich machines, electric cups, soymilk machines, wall breakers, and coffee machines, covering almost all categories of kitchen appliances.

Zhu Mingxuan, an operator of the Tmall kitchen appliance industry, said that this shows that people's demand for kitchen products is no longer limited to the simplest basic functions, but is developing in the direction of specialization and diversification.

  High appearance and interesting taste-products pay more attention to process design.

For example, a folding garment ironing machine, through the blue appearance and round design, makes the entire garment ironing machine look like a cute robot.

Many brands add well-known image elements to their appearance to attract consumers' attention.

Rumei's Home Appliances launched Pikachu's joint product last year, and has now launched nearly 10 products including heaters and sandwich machines.

  Go online and rely on "planting grass"-products focus on online marketing and precision marketing.

Targeting young people and occupying Internet online sales channels are the main marketing strategies for many products.

Take Xiaoxiong Electric as an example. Its online business accounts for 90% of overall sales.

During the epidemic prevention period, the trend of focusing on the line became more and more obvious.

On platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin short video, there are a lot of content about the “grass” (referring to the behavior of netizens to share and recommend a certain product on the Internet to stimulate the desire of others to buy) about the small household appliances of Internet celebrities. The goods have also contributed to the emergence of a number of Internet celebrities "popular styles".

  Liu Yuanju, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law, said that small electrical appliances are more suitable for the increasingly miniaturized family structure of the current society, and will not cause excessive waste of resources.

As more "post-90s" people enter the workplace and live independently, when they have new aesthetic standards and higher spending power, they will be more inclined to buy exquisite products to show their personality and attitude towards life.

 Build product hard power

  Compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, the overall retention rate of small household appliances in China is relatively low, especially in the areas of household appliances and kitchen appliances, where the market development space is still relatively large, which means that China's small household appliances market still has more room for growth.

At the same time, current small household appliances also have problems such as high idle rate, poor durability, and product homogeneity.

  In the context of the formation of a new development pattern in which the domestic and international double cycles are the mainstay and the domestic and international double cycles are mutually reinforcing, how can the short and fast Internet celebrity small home appliance brands be popular for longer?

  The relevant person in charge of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association stated that in the context of the epidemic, the standardization of health, smart modules and functions of home appliances will become the trend of industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading in the future.

In this regard, home appliance companies need to pay close attention to consumption characteristics, and achieve sustained growth in the small home appliance market through continuous innovation on the supply side.

  Industry experts believe that emerging small home appliance brands should focus on consumption upgrades, technological innovation and quality improvement, continue to take root in the data advantages that the Internet has grown up to now, and use this to achieve innovative breakthroughs in the humanization and intelligent design of small home appliances, and strengthen the ecology Development, platform-based development, etc., to create the hard power of the brand.

  Peng Xunwen