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former Governor of Anam Hee-jeong, imprisoned, received the mother's award, and the execution was decided. Governor Ahn arrived at Mother Vinso at dawn on the 6th today and will have a funeral until Thursday afternoon.

Reporter Yoo Duck-ki reports.


Last night, former Governor of South Chungcheong Province, Ahn Hee-jeong, was at the gate of Gwangju Prison. This is to find the vacancy of Mr. Guk Joong-rye, the mother who passed away on the 4th.

The Justice Department's correctional authority was in the process of restricting outing to Corona 19, so the possibility of provisions was unclear.

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Governor Ahn, who rode on a van that was waiting without a word, headed straight to Seoul and arrived at the funeral hall of Seoul National University Yeongeon-dong Seoul at around 3 am.

[Ahn Hee-jung / Former Governor of Chungnam-do: Thank you very much for allowing me to do my child's last way. I will take good care of my mother and return.] In

Binso, President Moon Jae-in, President Lee Hae-chan, and Democratic Party President Hae-chan expressed their sympathy and condolences yesterday. Lost

Governor Ahn was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in the Supreme Court in September last year and was imprisoned in Gwangju Prison for charges of sexual assault and sexual assault.

Governor Ahn's execution is due on Thursday, the 9th, until 5 pm.