The FIA ​​has taken measures at the circuit in Bahrain, where the Sakhir Grand Prix will be held this weekend.

The international federation hopes to increase the safety level after the heavy crash of Romain Grosjean last weekend.

In turn 3, the corner where Grosjean's car collided with Daniil Kvyat's car, caught fire and crashed, a new guardrail has been installed.

The guardrail had been removed after the Frenchman's crash and replaced with concrete blocks.

Another new feature is that two rows of tire stacks have been placed in front of the crash barriers, so that the impact in a possible next crash will be less hard.

34-year-old Grosjean, who is driving for Haas, pierced the guardrail in the first lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday and his car went up in flames.

He managed to get out of his car just in time and escape the sea of ​​flames.

Adjustments have also been made in turn 9.

The tire stacks have been extended there and curbstones have been removed before the corner to prevent a car from being launched.


Thanks to these measures, Grosjean survived the crash in Bahrain

Grosjean wants to make a comeback in Abu Dhabi

Incidentally, at the GP of Sakhir the lap on the Bahrain International Circuit is already different from last weekend at the GP of Bahrain.

A smaller part of the circuit is used, with eleven instead of the fifteen turns.

Grosjean will be replaced at Sakhir's GP by Pietro Fittipaldi, the grandson of two-time Formula 1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi.

On Wednesday Grosjean left the hospital in Bahrain and on Thursday he visited the circuit.

The driver is aiming for a return next week at the Abu Dhabi GP, the last race of 2020.


It's great to see you, @RGrosjean 👋 #SakhirGP 🇧🇭 # F1


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Start times GP Sakhir

  • Friday 2.30 pm: First free practice

  • Friday 6.30 pm: Second free practice

  • Saturday 3 pm: Third free practice

  • Saturday 6 pm: Qualification

  • Sunday 6.10 pm: Race