Al-Ahly's youth player, Spanish Pedro Conde, confirmed that the UAE has taken precautions to confront the new “Corona” outbreak.

(Covid-19), contributed to his lack of anxiety, while noting that he hoped that the Arab Gulf League competition would be completed, and that the team would maintain its lead and win the title, but at the same time the Spanish player stressed that «getting rid of (Corona) virus is "What is more important now than thinking about winning the league title."

"It will be vital for the league matches to resume," Condi told the Spanish newspaper Cordoblis, explaining: "We hope to go back to the games, but more importantly, there is no danger of the virus spreading."

He added: «There is no doubt that I hope to win the league title with Al-Ahly youth, but as I mentioned the most important thing that we all overcome this difficult period, and currently I am far from football, and I am content with training at home, and that I maintain my health so that I do not lose my job, which is playing football The foot, while with regard to winning the league if it is not achieved this season, we can achieve it next season. ”

Pedro Conde spoke about the precautionary measures in the Emirates, and said: «There are many restrictions imposed on everyone regarding movement in this difficult period, as the schools stopped for a long time, and although we can get out by car, but according to specific controls, only go to buy the necessary needs While we are not allowed to leave the house from eight in the evening until six in the morning, because the streets are sterilized and cleaned, in addition to keeping everyone safe here. ”

And the youth player of Al-Ahly said: “The UAE was better in taking safety measures, and it is better than Spain in this regard.” He explained: “The UAE took swift measures, and provided all means of safety, and there is a great commitment from everyone here in the Emirates, as I have not seen Many people have been on the streets for two weeks or more, unfortunately, many people in Spain unfortunately leave their homes, and do not care much about it, which puts their lives at risk, and the lives of others for the same. ” He continued: «We are similar to the people who were subjected to total quarantine, which is certainly good, since two weeks ago I was heading to the largest shopping center in the world, which is (Dubai Mall), while currently despite being near my place of residence, it is closed and no one can Going to him, and the same thing with all the shopping centers, and even before the announcement of the closure of the center, people of themselves were beginning to move away from shopping because they dealt with the matter seriously.

On the other hand, Condi revealed that he is communicating on a daily basis with his family in Spain, explaining: “I speak with my family two or three times daily, in order to check on them, and to stress the importance of not leaving the house, especially in light of the difficult conditions that Spain currently lives in. Because of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

As for his opinion during the period he played with Al-Ahly youth, he said: «Frankly, I did not quickly adapt to the team, after I presented good levels with Baniyas, but we are currently at the top of the league standings by a difference of six points, from runner-up Al Ain, and seven rounds remain, But we do not know when the matches can be resumed, and I have no doubt taken the step of moving to Al-Ahly youth in order to win the league title, and we must fight in the next games, if the remaining rounds are settled.

“I speak with my family two or three times a day, in order to check on them and stress the importance of not leaving the house.”

"I hope to resume the matches of the Arab Gulf League ... and moved to Shabab Al-Ahly in order to win titles."