Company-led childcare subsidy fraud amounting to 500 million yen is also prosecuted today August 13th 4:49

Interviews with officials found that a consulting company representative who was re-arrested in a subsidy fraud case involving a “corporate-led childcare center” was suspected of cheating the national subsidies at five childcare facilities nationwide. It was. The total amount of subsidies taken up is estimated to be about 500 million yen, and the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office is expected to prosecute on the 13th for crimes such as fraud.

Fukuoka City consulting company, “WIN Company” representative director, Daisuke Kawasaki (51) is a public interest incorporated foundation that examines business plans for two company-led childcare facilities in Fukuoka City and Nagoya City. I was arrested again by the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Special Investigation Department last month on the suspicion of submitting the documents and cheating over a total of 200 million yen, including a national grant.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the suspect Kawasaki was suspected of re-arresting and that there was a suspicion of cheating subsidies at three childcare facilities in Osaka and Nagoya.

The total amount of the country's deceived subsidies is estimated to be about 500 million yen, and the Special Search Division is expected to prosecute Kawasaki for charges such as fraud on the 13th of the detention period.

According to the officials, the suspect Kawasaki has denied the charges for some facilities against the investigation of the Special Search Department.