Increase in stock price over 400 yen Aggravation of US-China trade friction

The Tokyo Stock Market and Nikkei Stock Average on the 15th, after the end of consecutive holidays, were almost in full swing and rose by over 400 yen. The trade talks between the US and China agreed in some areas, and the concern that trade friction would become more serious once retreated and the purchase order expanded.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the 15th, was 22,207.21 yen, which was 408.34 yen higher than last weekend, and the TSE Stock Price Index increased 24.93 to 1,620.20, and the daily trading volume was 1,28408 million shares.

Market officials said, “By revealing that the U.S. will not trigger additional tariffs on China, investors' concerns, which were worried about further deterioration of the relationship between the two countries and the slowdown of the global economy, once retreated, "But the situation where the US and China have applied tariffs to each other has not been resolved, and the future will continue to be swayed by movements in the US and China."