In Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia's military, spectators were allowed to attend professional soccer matches for the first time since the invasion, and many fans visited the stadium to cheer.

Since the start of Russia's military invasion in February 2022, Ukraine's professional soccer league has been holding matches without spectators for safety reasons, but in response to strong requests from fans and players, the government has decided to Starting late last month, spectators were allowed to attend stadiums, with a cap set on the number of spectators depending on the size of the evacuation center.

The 1,800 tickets for the match between the local powerhouse Dynamo Kiv and a club from Odesa in the south, held in the capital Kiv on the 2nd, were sold out, with families waiting to watch the game and soldiers returning from the battlefield. It was packed.

At the venue, all players from both teams entered the venue wearing Ukrainian flags, and after a moment of silence was held for the victims of the battle, the match began, with the audience repeatedly cheering loudly from the main stand.

In the match, Dynamo Kiev won the match 1-0 with the support of the local fans, and the visitors applauded the players and seemed to enjoy watching a game at the venue for the first time in a while.

An 8-year-old boy said with excitement, ``It was great. Dinamo played well,'' and his mother said, ``I was moved. It's a good distraction for us during wartime. It's a positive thing.'' This is very important for feeling good."